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Social media today is an important way to get across your ideas on a platform from the very start of your business education. Improving your career prospects through your MBA blogAs well as writing the book Reinventing You: Define Your brand, Imagine Your Future, Clark works as a consultant for huge clients such as Google, Microsoft and Yale University. Maintaining an MBA blog can indeed help you prove your merit to people beyond your social circles. Her position within the market strengthens the point she makes about the need for graduates to have a strong digital presence by keeping an MBA blog and understanding the relationship between social media and business education.
What you are, most probably, at business school for is to secure your future in business, and, to do this, more and more business school students need to start creating a social media presence.

Your content may not be seen by many at the beginning, but those that persist can break through to strong readerships and develop strong connections within their industry. This will not only help you further your career prospects, but also to further ideas that might not have been conceived otherwise.Social media and business educationSocial media is more than just posting selfies on Facebook. And you need to plan them not after you are done with your course but right when you are pursuing it.
It is now the thing that society spends the most time doing on the internet, meaning that connecting social media and business is more important than ever. Having a strong personal brand sets you apart and ensures employers want to work with you, specifically.

Although it is important for business education students to vocalize their thoughts in class eloquently and thoughtfully, it is equally as pressing for students to utilize the written word. Often the less vocal students will relish the opportunity to prove themselves through the act of writing their thoughts down and often these ideas can be much more insightful than those thrown around in a case study classroom by those with strong, but not entirely thought through, opinions.

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