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Jeff McKenzie has worked in software development for nearly twenty years, in both freelance and full-time capacities, as a developer and team leader. His 30 years of IT experience includes business management, systems analysis, software development, web development, wired and wireless network engineering, and network administration. In the past, he’s worked on space travel, fraud prevention, data accuracy, and virtual reality for industries such as games, ecology, health, religion, and money.

In his former life he founded the San Diego Flash Users Group, was active in the Adobe Developer community, and spent 10 years working as a freelance developer. Experienced in most aspects of application development including: application architecture, application development, change management, data modeling, database implementation and tuning, effort estimation, embedded systems, network design, performance optimization, requirements gathering, service oriented architecture (SOA), transactional processing, and system and application security. As director of Safe Kids Illinois at Children's Memorial Hospital, she led a statewide network of child health and injury prevention partners through program development, educational outreach, capacity-building, and community action.

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