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With the necessary research and knowledge intact, we can begin to develop a branding brief that outlines the target audience and their motivations, a brand’s unique selling proposition (USP), support for that position, tone and any other input that is critical for developing the brand. This requires companies to refresh their logos over time to stay current, but as a creative company, we love staying on top of these new logo trends. A successful strategic branding brief is the result of careful execution during the Research and Discovery stage.
Product branding is more than a logo or image, it's the difference between you and everyone else. Branding and logo design are generally created during the developing stages of your marketing strategy. A solid website with superior branding and logo design should flow throughout all images and content of your website.

Not all companies are the same - Digi Craft sets the standard for Online Marketing and Advertising with websites and ecommerce. I recently had the privilege of being part of a panel at the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship’s Speaker Series to discuss marketing for emerging companies.
The foundation for any corporate design project - be it stationery, brochures, or website - is first-rate branding. We’re developed brands for startup companies on a budget as well as multi-million dollar large businesses.
Because all companies absolutely need a great logo, and most companies that already have one need a much better look and feel than the one they've got.
By reinforcing your image with a solid logo, content branding, and marketing collateral you are creating an identity that defines your goods and services.

Or, if they've already gone through messaging exercises, firms can better apply this critical information to their visual branding and corporate identity.
If, as a startup, you start marketing yourself prior to branding (or badly branding yourself) you could be sending the wrong message and may leave your target audience with a negative connotation before you’re even on your feet. Rely on Julie & Company's almost 20 years of experience in branding to determine the best name for your business.

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