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Business owners who see great social media success tie their technology choices to their strategic goals. Etlinger noted that people have no problem complaining directly to big brands, but might feel more reserved about criticizing a small business owner to his or her face. Social media monitoring can help you hear what people are telling their friends, but might not be willing to tell you directly.
To unveil how social media listening can help you understand your brand health, Etlinger’s research discovered the following themes (in the graphic below) as critical for your social media listening. Notice the insights to be gained and how to measure your listening results to find these indicators of health. Social media listening can help you fine-tune your marketing efforts to better find your target audience. It’s important to realize that people share differently on different social channels.
Some important things to understand are the impact of social media on: 1) purchase behavior, 2) search results and 3) customer loyalty. If you have a physical store, make sure you have tracking systems in place for each channel.
Additionally, social platforms can become far less expensive places for handling customer service. One smart practice is to forge relationships with fans who have strong social media influence.
Etlinger’s research discovered a direct correlation between social media and customer experience that translated into improved brand health, increased revenue and cost savings.
The problem was easily solved, but wouldn’t have been discovered without social media.
With, you can export data from Twitter, Facebook and email into an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.

BlogLevel is a purpose-built tool for PR and marketing to help ensure brands use blogs effectively.
Find ways to get your customers involved through customer service, brand advocacy and idea generation.
And I would say the WHY question should be followed up with several more WHYs until you drill down to your real reasons (the 5 Why method). Social media business intelligence tools will replace social media monitoring tools because not only do they help companies listen to their customers, but they can also correlate all the data back to those key business metrics. Realy a great help to know how much impact social media create for a business it is really an eye opener for me. I”ve been measure sales by using different affiliate links for each social media site and then comparing them to my list and I find that the best way to use social media is for leads, get them onto your list and then sell to them. I was alarmed to read a recent Centre for Media Research survey which concluded that 34% of companies fund their social media activity from their search budgets, and only 38% actually have a separate, identifiable social media budget. Susan did qualitative research with 60 social media marketers and vendors to understand how businesses currently measure their social media performance. The following graphic shows the importance of a thoughtful process when designing your social media plan.
This means getting specific about your business objectives and strategies before thinking through social objectives.
The points of this compass identify six major business goals that social media can help influence.
Big brands spend lots of money managing their brand image, but small businesses also need to be aware of customers’ perceptions. As customers become brand advocates, your brand reach will extend without significant expenses. Not everyone can resource their own social media innovation site, but all businesses can find ways to listen to their customers for insights into product and service improvements.

The successful deployment of various tactics always needs to start with sound strategy, even if it is not fleshed out in its last detail but fine tuned based on results gained from early trial and error. Better yet with one of our strategic partnerships we can track from a click on a banner ad all the way to the in store purchase. The idea that clients can become brand advocates at little or no cost to the business certainly generates huge savings, and allows your brand marketing budget to go so much farther.
The way that you have explained about measuring the social media results is very interesting. If you think about revenue as a relationship and not just a transaction, as suggested by Richard Binhammer of Dell, then you’ll see that social media can have a tremendous influence on the long-term relationship. That (to my mind) means that we need to start measuring the whole Social Media quagmire in our Analytics. Only then are you ready to select the best technologies (including which social platforms and measurement tools to use).
Without an answer to that fundamental question social initiatives often fail to produce expected results. My goal was not to provide the perfect tools as it would be easy to latch onto the tool without thinking carefully about the goals. It’s cool to know that businesses new to narrow down their goals and objectives in order to utilize social media at its fullest, very good to know, thank you for the insight! If you are not an e commerce site, then the tracking needs to get into your Salesforce or Sage eventually, so that it CAN be attributed to Life Rume Value.

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