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Although the most popular jobs are relatively simple for most CE pros, Coll says a benefit for small dealers is that they get access to an enormous volume of consumers, both commercial and residential. I am currently working on a pet project to port and redesign a native Windows-based app onto the web.
In order to acquire a job, the operator places a bid on a plot by selecting an item from the listview and clicking on the bid button. Once done, the operator's bid is placed in a queue, and details of their bid pops up in the positions box.
I still want to keep the bid-process-allocate process intact as it is an inherent part of the app.

The Concrete Foundation Estimator application features a built-in portfolio page that saves all projects.
It acts as a booking aggregator, providing a platform for service operators to bid, share, and trade jobs. The app is specifically for taxi drivers but it works in tandem with an app for drivers receiving jobs, as well as an app for customers booking jobs. I'm not going to give suggestions how the UI should be built, but location based jobs for taxi drivers makes the most sense. It is possible to make it location based, wherein the operator only sees jobs relevant to them, based on where the plots in which they have drivers.

Features of this application may vary according to different versions of operating system and phone models. The app also offers a built-in Tutorials with tips for how to gather values from the plans and illustrated explanations for each section.

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