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No matter in which specialization you are, social media play a vital role in finding a suitable job. According to the latest Sprout Social Index, the number of social messages sent to brands has increased by 77 percent over the past year. At Sprout, we believe context is critical to building lasting customer relationships and providing an engaging social experience. Each time you respond to a message, the reply screen shows you profile information and a complete conversation history between your handle and that contact so you can respond quickly and personally. Now you’re all set to efficiently find and join conversations that matter to your business, organize and deliver valuable content, and ultimately manage your social communication more effectively.

That may seem a lot easier said than done, but there are several features already built into Sprout Social that can help with the process. Brand Keyword results are delivered straight to your Smart Inbox alongside all of your other social messages, making it easy to take action. While social communication knows no barriers, we understand that reaching a global audience can be tricky. We’ve made sure that you have the flexibility to set up the Queue at the profile level so that you can send content at times that fit your social strategy.
When he's not obsessing over all things social media, Patrick can be found playing with his dogs or stand-up paddleboarding—or both!

It’s safe to say that in order to become a truly social business, brands must be able to effectively communicate through social media.
Luckily, Sprout Social’s Brand Keywords tap into one of the best kept secrets in social media: that Twitter and Facebook are actually invaluable search engines.

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