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Social networking sites have always been the top source of online communications and human relationships over the web.
Although, there is a variety of ways available on the Internet to build your own social network but if you want to create an exclusively stylish social networking site along with more control over the domain, brand, design, and database then using a powerful open source social networking software is the most appropriate option. In today’s free software guide, I am going to list top 5 best free open source social network software for all those peoples who want the open source code for social networking site in PHP or open source clone scripts for free.
As we all know, the basic features of a standard social networking site would include – users profile, blogs, notifications centre, groups, files sharing (photo and video), instant messaging, forum discussion, search option, comments, social bookmarking etc. So, if you want these features altogether in a social networking website then below mentioned open source social network software are ready to offer you the free open source social network script to create your own social network like Facebook. If you want to run your own social network then BuddyPress is the best open source social network software for you.
BuddyPress offers the free membership of open source social network script based on WordPress.
Oxwall is a well known open source PHP social networking software which offers the maximum features and style of the most renowned social networking site Facebook. Mahara is an open source social networking software and open source ePortfolio web application. Basically, Mahara is a Linkedin clone script for career social networking sites that provides some interesting and useful features like File Repository, Blogs, Social networking, Resume Builder, Profile Information, Administration (Themes, languages, session, authentication), Interface with Moodle, Scalability, Security, and Interoperability. Last but not least, XOOPS is an extensible CMS that offers users to build social network sites based on their needs.
Some of the most well-known features of XOOPS open source social network platform are: Database-driven, Fully Modularized, Personalization, User Management, Supported Worldwide, Multi-byte Language Support, Versatile Group Permissions System, and Theme-based skinnable interface etc. I hope, this guide helped you to find some best free open source social network software and open source social network script platform to create your own social network like Facebook for free. While Facebook and Twitter is the core of the Internet’s social networking world, some companies and organizations may have reasons to set up their own social networking applications.

Deploying your own uniquely branded social media tool with open source software could be a good choice especially if you plan to differentiate your product through custom development built on top of the open source tools. Dolphin: Built on the PHP platform, Dolphin is a fully scalable and customizable social media application.
Anahita: Anahita is an open source social media development framework that is the most customizable and flexible of all of the development environments reviewed here. Johnson, who writes on the CMS Critic blog, lists ten self-hosted solutions to start a social network. This post offers very introductory links to existing software platforms and a couple links and suggestions for working with developers. And this is the major reason, most of the web design and website development companies want to create their own social network like Facebook for free.
Basically, BuddyPress open source social networking software is for all those people who love to work with WordPress platform. Basically, Elgg social network script is written in PHP and MySQL which offers many additional features like login option with facebook and twitter. This award-winning open source social networking engine is not only easy to install and configure but also it offers the features such as Powerful Data Model, Activity Streams, Plugin API, User Management, Access controls, and Web Services API etc. Mahara offers the facility to create and sustain an impressive digital portfolio of their learning and social networking features to allow users to communicate with each other. Feel free to share your view with us through comments about the above-given list of top 5 best free open source social networking software.
For some companies, setting up their own social network is a good option because the public Internet may not be secure enough for certain conversations concerning sensitive proprietary information or customer contact information. There are many open source social networking toolsets available and it can sometimes become quite overwhelming and cumbersome even to find out which one best suits your organization's requirements. Dolphin is perhaps the most popular open source commercial social media application in the market today.

Elgg is especially popular in the education space as it is used by several colleges and universities, as well as high schools, as a campus wide social networking platform. With the PHP base of WordPress, Buddy Press has grown from a simple Wordpress mod to a full blown stand alone social media application. Yogurt is a Social Network module for Xoops that helps you to setup all your personal album of pictures, videos from YouTube, mp3 files, add your list of friends, a public wall for messages (scraps), to create communities and much more beneficial features. Here's a list of 5 good open source social networking software which we think are the very best among the lot.
Buddy Press can be used as a campus wide social media platform or a niche media tool for your new product or service.
The privacy model is very extensive and utilizes a social networking graph structure for management.
Elgg also has a robust data model that is flexible enough to accommodate whatever your specific social media needs may be. Today, their flagship social media software, Dolphin, offers an entire suite of social networking tools that offer similar functionality as sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Match. The unique aspect of Buddy Press is that it can be used as an all inclusive social media platform or it can be used as an extension to your current social media tools. By using the administrative console, you can disable and enable as many features as you need in order to integrate it into your current social media platform or through a public platform such as LinkedIn.

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