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Also coming up we have an intensive Linkedin for Business course and an intensive Blogging course.
Few providers have our experience: 10+ years in the media (including leading ad agencies), 10+ years teaching at university, and 7 years campaigning online.
All current courses are at the Media School studio, 335 Clovelly Road, Clovelly – in Sydney.
It’s not often you finish a one day course on such a vast and daunting world to walk away feeling capable, confident and armed!

The course answered a lot of questions I knew I wanted to ask but didn’t know enough to ask them. And our teaching studio provides a more intimate, creative learning space than most city training venues. We've been working with new media for years, but haven't forgotten what it's like starting out. We have a unique combination of experience teaching in higher education and working in the media - including leading ad agencies.

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