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In an effort to make the choice of social media channels easier I’ve got 4 basic questions you should consider when researching a your next social media endeavour.
This might seem like a daft start but having specific aims will not only help you find the right platform but will also set you up for measuring your success.
Social media is far reaching and can help with many areas of business but some channels are better suited than others. As with any goal-setting it’s best to focus on aims that are specific and will have a genuine impact. By deciding how you want social media to help your business you will be better placed to work out which social media platform is right for you. The precise details you look for will be determined by your individual aims but there are some general areas to consider that will give you greater insights into who is using a particular social media channel and what they are using it for. As well as searching within the channel, I like to use a social media analysis tool called Buzzsumo.
If your social media aim is to reach a specific audience it’s worth using the search facility to look for people. As I mentioned in my recent Spring Fair talk on social media it is important to consider what you like to do. As business people you only have a limited amount of time and chores that we hate can often get neglected. The final question to consider when choosing social media channels for your business is whether you have access to the necessary resources.
The site, which has a predominantly female audience, is ideal for businesses for which visual imagery is a main feature or selling point. It's great for reaching out to people and getting into their Rolodex, so that when they need your services, there you are. It's a marvelous tool for businesses that want to reach out to people now and expect--and are ready for--people to reply.

It's hard to be on all platforms, so choose the three that best meet your needs and monitor -- or hire someone to monitor -- them closely. These days, image is everything, and the proper use of Facebook and Twitter is more important than ever for entrepreneurs. Learn the key principles of direct response marketing that you need to follow on all social media platforms.
Social media is such an astounding innovation that we forget people still connect with people, not with personas.
If you're looking to avoid mistakes on social media, take some time to learn where others have gone wrong.
Knowing what you want to focus on will help you choose which social media channel is right for you. With any business activity you need to be able to determine if it’s worthwhile and social media is no exception.
Look up words or phrases that are relevant to your business and see what results come back. You could look up suppliers or customers to see who in your community is actively using which platform.
By assessing what’s working for a business similar to yours you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether a particular platform would suit your needs. If you’re looking to outsource your social media you will also have to consider if you have the budget available. Consider what you want from the time you invest, whether the platform is suited to that aim and whether you have the resources and inclination to do what the social media channel requires. Here's a brief overview of the most significant platforms as they pertain to your business needs.
If you have breaking news, updates, questions for your followers, or if you want opinions now or even need to announce a recall, Twitter is the way to reach out to people.

It's size alone is a positive for any business, because you can assume most people are on it. Your customers judge their experience of your business through the product or service they receive from you.
I am a marketing consultant and I make my living by helping businesses with their marketing, often by actually doing their marketing for them. By assessing the type of content, how many likes, comments, shares or retweets the content gets you can see if a social media platform is active for your type of business. The results show the most popular content on social media for the topic and will also show you on which social media channel the content was shared most. Determining if your ideal audience is using a platform will indicate whether you should be using it. If you’re more focused on design look out for social media channels, which would allow you to spend more time creating. It's a way of growing connections in the business world and utilizing them as necessary.
Your goal in using Facebook for business is to let customers get to know the people behind the logo.
But there are many other indirect and subtle ways in which customers interact with a business. With tight budgets and ever slower sales cycles, business owners need to be both concerned and somewhat conservative with their marketing spend.
We've looked at the top 9 social media platforms and measured their pros and cons to help you decide what will work best for your business!

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