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Stop logging in to each of your social networks individually and start managing them all at once with a social media manager. Seesmic started life as a social video aggregator and transformed into a social media management powerhouse. Originally a multi-protocol chat client, Digsby has expanded to include additional features such as email and social network support. TweetDeck is another social media application that makes good use of a multi-column layout. HootSuite is a social media manager oriented towards a team working with social media, featuring multiple tiers of access to the social networks (one person administrates and others can update, for example), tracking of mentions and other quantifiers, tabbed layout, WordPress support, scheduled updates, automatic updating, and more. In this episode of Community Manager Best Practices, Misty Fuqua-Mercado debunks 3 myths that many of us (including me) have regarding getting all of our social marketing activities done each day. You can now check status updates and send your own status updates on popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn.

Socialite monitors and updates Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Flickr, as well as support for Good Reader and manual RSS entries. The basic account is free and allows you to manage five social networks with a 30 day stats history.
We think everyone has known social media, because in modern time, people use it as best communication.
All the versions of Seesmic support a core of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but the desktop versions really shine with support for plugins that expand the support to over 50 services.
What Socialite lacks for in volume of supported services it makes up for with tools for organising the flow of information across your social networks including time lines and filters to help drill down to what’s important to you. The $US5.99 per month Pro account offers unlimited social networks and stats history as well as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights integration.
And if you have a dream to be manager, probably you can try to be social media manager that will be many employs.

But it is not easy to be manager from social media, because you must send application letter that contain your resume. Hootsuite has the best organizer of different social feeds by far.You can check posts, messages, etc. Both of these services are known as the best in the industry of social media management and post scheduling, but there are some things you might not know…Hootsuite has branding on everything you post on social media. I’ll have to check it out Ulterios Reply July 24, 2015Nice article Justin,I was one of those people who never really got right into the social media scene until recently. 50 Common Social Media Mistakes That You Might Be Making - March 18, 2015 […] Not double checking the timing on your scheduled posts.

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