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You can view and apply for employment opportunities from any computer with an internet connection, including those at public libraries and career placement centers.
Four high schools (Bronx Haven High School, North Queens Community High School, South Brooklyn Community High School, and West Brooklyn Community High School) and three High School Equivalency programs (East Side House Settlement, FEGS, and The Door) shared their emerging work using Best Bet profiles to support curriculum development, internship development, career exploration, and postsecondary planning with their students. Postsecondary credentials are increasingly required for a career with a family-supporting wage, and research indicates that youth themselves aspire to a postsecondary credential to make good on their career aspirations.

First, JFF analyzed traditional and real-time labor market data and interviewed organizations with valuable regional expertise to identify potential Best Bet occupations.
Using these criteria, JFF conducted labor market, postsecondary, and employer research, ultimately selecting 10 total best bet programs in New York City connected to a range of industries.

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