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In last year’s survey, we asked for the first time whether marketers had a documented content marketing strategy. B2B marketers who have a documented strategy are more effective and less challenged with every aspect of content marketing when compared with their peers who only have a verbal strategy or no strategy at all. Of those who have a documented strategy, 60 percent consider their organization to be effective. In many cases, we found that content production continues to increase, no matter how effective organizations feel they are at content marketing — or whether or not they have a documented strategy. B2B marketers use an average of 13 content marketing tactics — same as what was reported last year. LinkedIn is best known for it’s job hunting, resume posting, content and news social networking site.
Although social media platforms like Facebook have a much more wider appeal, the reality is, it doesn’t deliver on leads and results like LinkedIn. Despite newer social platforms that are more popular among the general population, LinkedIn still reigns in the business world, according to an August 2014 study by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs. To put that into real numbers, LinkedIn is responsible for more than 80% of a business’s social media leads! Similarly, August 20014 polling by Kapost found that US B2B marketers turned to LinkedIn for marketing news far more frequently than other social media sites.
While video has been traditionally thought of as a medium best suited for consumer marketing, recent numbers show that it’s also quite effective in B2B strategy. The video’s new role as a lead generation tool among B2B marketers shows that the best results are produced when a creative concept is combined with strategic marketing techniques and tactics.
Whether you’re choosing which networks are right for your social content or looking for creative ways to amplify the impact of your existing content, a strategic social media engagement campaign is critical for any B2B marketing initiative.
Before diving in, it is important to set objectives to understand what your B2B social media efforts hope to accomplish. If your organization is struggling to launch a social media strategy, check out the fifth annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report. B2B marketers have three key areas to concern themselves with as they craft and execute their content marketing strategy.

B2B may use different content marketing strategies than B2C, but when it comes to measuring overall effectiveness and ROI, success is determined through website traffic, sales lead quality and higher conversion rates.
B2B marketers make heavy use of LinkedIn, with almost 94 percent of those surveyed using the platform, followed closely by Twitter and Facebook. When considering where to distribute social content, B2B marketers should evaluate which platforms are most effective for overall marketing goals. The third key to an effective B2B content marketing is knowing which tactics to use and in what combination. B2B marketers continue to keep a diverse content marketing strategy, averaging 13 different tactics in use. When considering the tactics they use for their B2B marketing strategy, 69 percent of survey respondents rated in-person events as the most effective tactic. Danielle VanZandt is a Public Relations Coordinator with the Communications team at esd & associates, serving a dual role as a social media account manager and content writer. Our content expert provides great tips on 'blog busting' to inspire winning writing strategies. At esd, we write white papers on a broad variety of digital media topics, from lead nurturing and email marketing to search engine optimization and B2B buyer personas. Thus, B2B Content Marketing 2015: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends — North America, produced by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs and sponsored by Brightcove, reflects the progress our industry is making in exciting new ways. Forty-nine percent said “no,” which left us wondering whether a lot of those marketers did indeed have a strategy, but had just not documented it. Of those who have a documented content marketing strategy, 23 percent said they publish new content daily. Only 21 percent said they are successful; however, the number goes up to 35 percent for marketers who have a documented strategy. Of these tactics, 92 percent cite social media content (other than blogs) as the most used, followed by eNewsletters (83 percent), and articles on their website (81 percent).
On average, B2B marketers are using three paid advertising methods, with 80 percent using at least one. Marketers are seeing a tremendous uptick in demand for B2B campaigns designed to nurture prospects, collect user interest and attribute data, and reapply that data to shorten the sales cycle.

Perhaps your core audience aren’t avid social media users, but if your content is exceptional, they will find you, remember you, and hopefully work with you. According to a benchmark report released by Software Advice, a company that provides reviews on marketing software, video is the most-used content type and the content that generated the most leads for surveyed B2B marketers in 2014. It shows how B2B companies have embraced social media and content marketing as an essential part of their overall marketing strategies.
Social media is the key to building brand awareness among their audience, so content marketers, particularly B2B marketers, must ensure they are using the right platforms to distribute their content.
B2B marketers must remain proactive in their distribution of content and keep a continuous stream of content flowing to continue engaging followers.
The leading content marketing strategies include social media content (other than a blog), eNewsletters, articles posted to their own website, blogs and in-person events.
Creating and distributing content can be very effective for B2B marketers, so long as they can ensure that they are choosing the best tactics to reach their target audience. With a degree in both Business and English from Southwestern University, she assists with client projects through event planning and coordination, social media promotion, and content development. Sure enough, we found that many do have a strategy (83 percent), but only 35 percent have documented it.
For B2B marketers, the promise of social is user data, and first generation social campaign technologies just weren’t delivering. Usage across the various social media sites has also increased from year-to-year, especially as more B2B marketers realize its value. While these tactics are seen as highly effective, many B2B businesses find these tactics to be more difficult and time-consuming to implement.

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