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As a reminder, if you have a question you want to ask us, just add it to the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming Sports Jobs Q&A column. But it is different coming from an athlete like yourself, because there are skills that I know go into being an athlete – and there are undeniable attributes like focus, dedication, organization, passion, competitiveness and so much more. A few years back a former MLB relief pitcher asked me what he should in is post-playing career and the first thing that came to mind was Media Relations. One of our analysts was former NFL head coach Ron Meyer, he would fly in on Saturday’s to discuss the show, do the show Sunday morning and fly back out. Collegiate athletic departments seek out donations to help fund all of their activities, especially to help fund the sports that don’t pencil as well as big time football or basketball. Sports marketing agencies often look for such technical advisement in their day-to-day business.
Of course, student-athletes can do anything, and so much of it depends on your degree and passion, but these are a few sports careers I believe cater to the unique skill set college athletes acquire while in school. Austerity measures pledged by the government in exchange for a 110 billion-euro May 2010 bailout plan from the European Union and International Monetary Fund may make matters worse. Feeling the PainFunding to athletic federations was cut 24 percent from 2009 to 40.4 million euros in 2011, the budget of the Culture and Tourism Ministry’s General Secretariat for Sport shows. Greece called off hosting the 2013 Athens Deaflympics and the multisport Volos Mediterranean Games in the port city north of the capital for a lack of funds.

Dependence on the state for jobs, pensions and social benefits has come to symbolize Greece’s ailing finances. Olympic BidMany of the 22 athletic halls built on the 15 Olympic sites for the 2004 Athens Games remain largely unused. Culture and Tourism Minister Pavlos Yeroulanos told lawmakers in July last year that he’s pushing for a body that can document, plan, advise and regulate sports efficiently. The Olympic Committee’s Capralos says athletes who qualify for the 2012 Greek delegation will participate. As the most trusted source for job openings in the sports industry, you can count on us to help you find your next break.
This is my roundabout way of saying, I can’t determine what each individual person should do for a living, but for an athlete like yourself, I think I have some pretty good ideas. You could start at a small college, work up to larger schools, go to the pros, work in publicity for athletes, work within a sports agency – the possibilities are endless.
She graduated with a degree in Journalism, and at a time when jobs in that industry were scarce. Beyond hurting the competitiveness of its athletes at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the biggest economic upheaval in a generation may put Greece decades behind as discretionary spending on activities such as sports is deemed not a priority. Its budget deficit widened to a euro-area record for the time of 7.5 percent of gross domestic product.

Olympic Properties SA, the state-run agency that manages the venues built for the Olympics, is unprofitable. A former student-athlete is a huge asset in sports marketing, because they see the world through a different lens than so many of us.
So she got creative and wrote to all the universities that had an MBA in Sports Management program, offering to work in their athletic department for free if the school paid for her Masters.
Funds to the Greek Olympic Committee for 2009-2012 were cut to 8 million euros ($11.3 million) from 30 million euros in the previous four years, Hellenic Olympics Committee President Spyros Capralos said.
Much of the spending on sports has been inefficient, says Panos Bitsaksis, general secretary for Sport.
I think that you have to demonstrate the skills you have acquired as a student-athlete to an employer, you can’t assume how they will interpret your intercollegiate athletics participation. Many athletes train for six to seven hours a day, including weekends, requiring the club to cover their living expenses. Now she is the Associate Director of Compliance in the athletic department at the University of Kansas.

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