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Enter Jackalope Jobs, a platform that helps job seekers leverage their social connections to discover job openings. Jackalope Jobs was founded by CEO Sudy Bharadwaj and CTO Michael Lamoureux during the American economic downturn. Jackalope Jobs is different from traditional methods of finding open positions by searching on the web.The product is neither a job board nor a social network for professionals (like LinkedIn). Applying for jobs at random can be tough enough, but applying for a better job within your own company comes with its own share of unique problems. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that more companies are looking at internal applicants. In almost all circumstances you should let your current boss know that you're applying for a better job at the same company. Some companies may require that you clear a job application with your boss anyway, but if you're uncomfortable because you're worried your current boss may put in a bad word or treat you poorly when they know you want to leave you can talk with your potential hiring manager and get a recommendation on what to do.
You might think that since you're applying for a position within the same company you don't need to work that hard on your cover letter.
No matter how often you've talked to the person you're applying to, or how well he may know you, you want to use the application process as an opportunity to show how professional you are. It's the season (again) where many of you are frantically completing application forms for jobs and internships. As with many of the elements of the job application process, success depends on looking at things from the employer's perspective.

At minimum, human-resource coordinator Lara Makinen, gets 100 applications on any given job posting, with some listings reaching up to 1,000. It’s more the idea that technology has made job applications limitless and readily available to anyone. In this economy, you’re likely to be one of many faceless applicants with similar credentials and experience. Instead, Jackalope Jobs weaves a thread of relevance among all these sites on behalf of the job seeker. Jackalope Jobs will also be adding more more premium features, and plans to have a mobile app launched.
While it might seem easier to apply and interview for an internal job you still have to treat the process seriously. When you're doing that be aware that the people you're talking with may also be applying for the position. The trick is to word it is so your current job experience lends itself to the better job you're applying for. As with any position, applying for an internal job that's better suited for you is all about selling yourself the right way.
Differentiating is more important and submitting an application (cold) online, holds very little weight. For several years, I helped make the final call for almost every applicant (which were many many more than what we hired).

When you've worked at a company for a long time it might seem as though you're guaranteed a position you apply for, but it's not always that simple.
Just because you're applying at the same company and may even be good friends with the boss doesn't mean you shouldn't treat the interview process like you would a completely new job. Even if you don't get the exact position you're applying for, the hiring manager may have another position for you that you haven't considered or might contact you in the future. Use feedback from our job search advisers and recruiters (where possible) to update and refine your applications.
With the current economy and unemployment numbers people are applying for jobs they never thought they would. I was willing to overlook a lot more deficiences in applications when there was a personal recommendations that accompanied it.
However, before you take on the application process it's good to take advantage of the fact you already work for the company and do a little research to make sure it's a job worth applying for.

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