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Below is the real-life ecommerce case study on how Lowe’s succeeds in disengaging customers.
Fortunately, there was some fine print that comforted us that we could check out as a guest. You need to appeal to all senses and leave no questions unanswered to keep the shopper from becoming disengaged and clicking away from your site. My Mom still had time to run back to Lowe’s to see it in person and talk with a salesperson. Lowe’s national Customer Service phone number offered a lengthy menu and store locator.

Heck, they only had 4 hours to save $150, but the savings was not enough to convince them this was the right unit for them.
Three days after the online store purchase and 1 day after speaking with Lowe’s in Folsom, we STILL have not received email confirmation of our order.
The only reason we returned to your online store is that we were highly motivated by the sale. I’ll be back to write more about best practices for ecommerce checkout process another time and to let readers know if the refrigerator actually does arrive. They NOW realized this was perfect for them, even a little bigger than their current refrigerator.

Our shopping experience on Lowe’s website took over 2 hours and an exercise in extreme patience.

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