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The Dollar General Corporation is one of the most respected chains of variety stores in the United States. In general, you will find the company’s stores in areas that are not served by other general-merchandise retailers. Of course, careers are also available for entry-level applicants and qualified job-seekers.
Sales Associate: this is another entry-level Dollar General career that you might be interested in. To be considered for an administrative position you must hold a high-school diploma or its equivalent. To submit your resume and Dollar General employment application, go to the career site and the appropriate section. If you are lacking some of the required skills but have others that may compensate for those, put your best foot forward and promote your abilities. In order that you have ample time to think about the answers on your application, find missing addresses and make certain that all information is included.
In order to nail a job you must also be the type of person that Dollar General is interested in.
Besides great pay and salary perks, the company also offers some excellent non-wage benefits for its employees. If you wish to ascertain your current job status, you must follow-up with a hiring manager. Additionally, if you haven’t received any word from a hiring manager in two-three weeks, you should consider applying for the job again. For available positions like customer service representative, the hiring process is extremely simple: you must attend an interview session of 20-30 minutes during which you will be asked general questions about your education, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses and experience. Let’s take a look at the most frequently asked interview questions which will determine the future of your Dollar General career.
Dollar General’s mission is to serve the community with substance and simplicity in its store processes, merchandising techniques and prices. Dollar General is classified as a small-box discount store and provides store sizes that are convenient for customers to use while offering name brand products at the lowest possible price point.
Get updated when new and high paying jobs become available in your area before anyone else! Dollar General was firstly founded in 1955, and the store started as a store that is capable of selling items at a price not more than one dollar. In general, the company opened opportunity for those who want to apply for job either on professional associates or entry-level positions.

Paying attention to these facts, we can see plenty of opportunities available at each Dollar General stores.
They also own the DG Brand, which is an abbreviation from “Dollar General” and it symbolizes cheap household products that are sold through Dollar General Stores.
Dollar General is actively requesting Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans who are seeking positions to submit their applications for consideration as soon as possible.
While it is true that Dollar General prefers to hire managers from within the company, it is always open to hiring qualified individuals who have leadership and retailing experience. The Dollar General Manager salary and compensation varies between 25,000 and 35,000 dollars annually. After you fill out your Dollar General application, wait 24 hours and review it again before you submit it.
For those interested, Dollar General does offer a 401(k) retirement account and work reward benefits.
You can either submit your application online, or you can drop by your nearest store in person and fill the documents by hand.
You will converse casually with the hiring manager to determine whether or not you are a good fit for the company. On one hand you will have to attend several interviews before you are considered for a position.
If you are interested in a career with this company you should submit your Dollar General application as soon as possible, to begin the hiring process. Most reviews for Dollar General careers are positive (over 80% of applicants approve of the CEO and have had a great working experience).Before you start the application process, however, we would like to share with you a few tricks that will help you start your Dollar General Career.
The advantage is held by job-seekers who can work long hours while standing and keeping a positive and polite attitude towards other co-workers and customers. If you know how to operate a cash register, organize displays, stock shelves and handle finances you have an advantage over other job applicants. However, it is possible to boost your income if you prove that you are invaluable for the company.
If you have some background with customer service and the retailing industry you have more chances of being considered for a position.
If you have a CV and cover letter already you could skip the Dollar general application altogether, and visit your nearest store to deliver your credentials personally to a store manager.
Individuals who show serious interest in a job will be considered for a Dollar General career. In 1957, the store successfully operated 29 stores, and then started to make first public appearance in 1968.

For that reason, the company will hire workers who are ready to take responsibility over plenty of retail locations available in the U.S. Its job duties include checking expiration dates (of items), organizing displays, answering questions, and completing a few other tasks.
As opposed to Walmart stores, which can be found in bustling metropolises, the Dollar General stores are tucked away in smaller communities.
Applicants to most entry-level Dollar General jobs must be at least 18 years of age to be considered.
If you decide to check up on your application status in person you might even obtain an on-the-spot interview. If you think that you are suitable for such a position, you should submit your Dollar General job application as soon as possible. While this discussion is not conclusive for your job, you should try to exude a positive and agreeable attitude towards them. Here are some positions to be fulfilled by those who are looking for the future at the company. There you can download an application form online, complete it, and then submit it to any store available near your residence. The hiring process for managers usually takes one week longer than that of entry-level job-seekers. At that time, Dollar General operated more than 6,000 stores, and the company was also reported amount of sales which reaches $6 billion in a year.
In general, it takes approximately one or two weeks for the company to get back to eligible candidates (consider resubmitting your Dollar General application if the time limit is exceeded).
Today, public recognizes Dollar General as a company that successfully operates more than 10,000 stores available throughout 40 states in the U.S. They were including house wares, cleaning supplies, beauty and health items, apparel, snacks, and food. All the items available in Dollar General comes from dozens of private brands, including General Mills, PepsiCo, Hanes, Nabisco, and Kellogg’s.
For that reason, there will be plenty of opportunities for those who are looking for stable career at the company.
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