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Because of the work involved with filling out online job applications my willingness to deal with an overly involved online form is directly related to my level of interest in the job. There have been several online job applications that I quit filling out because my enthusiasm for the job prospect wasn't high enough for me to want to bother with the form. The process of correcting data loaded to online job applications usually takes at least 15 minutes and for some forms has taken almost an hour. Perhaps part of the purpose of online job applications is to serve as a gauntlet to test the seriousness of the applicants.
Commonly, it take two to several days later, before you will be asked to attend jobs interview.

Actually, several American companies especially retail chains like Walmart, Forever 21, Old Navy and fast food restaurant chains such as Subway, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts can absorb so many employee. Of course standardization assumes that every company with online job applications would adopt the standard just to make life easier for applicants. All they care is that I fill in the boxes marked as "required fields," which is discouraging for those of us who feel our creativity is our greatest asset.
However, in the middle of certain kind of situation like now, many similar companies were forced to close their unprofitable stores for efficiencies.
Then when everything is just right these job seekers are forced to upload their finally honed summary of self into online job applications that promptly chew it to shreds.

After done, return your completed Victoria Secret job applications to to a Victoria’s Secret store near your residence. A seasoned professional gets wedged into a form more appropriate for a kid getting his first part time job.

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