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Between now and the end of 2016, there are over a dozen states that could potentially legalize recreational marijuana, and several states could legalize medical marijuana during that same time.
People would flood into Northern California and Southern Oregon to get jobs as plant trimmers during harvest season.
Right now most of the legal marijuana jobs are found in the West, such as in California and Colorado.Probably the best way to get a job in the legal marijuana industry is through networking.
Anything to get a foot in the door.A lot of the people that I know in the industry got their jobs by volunteering first. But if you are able to volunteer with a company for a month or two to show off your skills, it helps a lot.
It’s only a matter of time before they under-deliver and are let go, and it will be hard for them to get a new job in the industry once they have a bad reputation.

If you volunteer first, and let your skills speak for themselves, you will increase your chances of landing a permanent position.One thing that I always tell people when they ask me how to get into the marijuana industry is to PROCEED WITH CAUTION.
This industry is full of sharks that will use you, abuse you, steal your credit, not pay you for your labor, and leave you under a bus. That’s not a big deal if you are in between jobs, get a job at a local dispensary, and have time and energy to burn. If the person or company has a bad reputation in the industry, it’s likely for a reason.
With that being said, I don’t personally know any of the people behind these websites, so take their listings for what you will. But for now, good for you for doing everything you can to have your record improved, I’m glad you had that opportunity.

It appears to be the most widely used format due to the nature of opinion that is still out there.
I recently received a letter that stated I was no longer suitable for government employment with my agency.

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