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The Appen Social Media Evaluator position will work to improve the relevancy of a leading technology company’s social media based news feed. Appen is a language technology solutions and consulting firm, recognized as a global leader in the quality, range and caliber of its expertise. If you’ve been around the work-from-home circuit for some time, you might have come across the Appen name before. The main purpose of an Appen Social Media Evaluator is to improve the relevancy of a technology company’s news feed. To apply, you’ll need to use an existing account, if you have one, or simply register for a new account. The Appen Social Media Evaluator position requires that you’re comfortable using social media.
This is probably the most important part of your Appen Social Media Evaluator application–take some time to fill it out completely and with accurate links to your social media profiles or blogs and websites that you maintain! You should also receive an email confirmation letting you know that you applied and that someone will be in contact in the near future.
Appen does offer some crowdsourcing (short task) work that pays much less than the hourly rate for search evaluation. If Appen Butler Hill hires you, you’re paid once a month via either paper check or direct deposit. It depends on the specific position, but search evaluators evaluate search engine results to determine how relevant they are to search terms, articles, images, etc.
That said, Appen Butler Hill is a reputable company hiring evaluators, and lots of people have worked for them for a long time. I’ve been working for Appen and applied for Lionbridge and I unusually quickly got a reply that the application was denied.
The difference is this: Appen needs you to have $50 of tasks done before paying you while ClickWorker pays you after you get $1.

The application process went very smoothly for me with Appen Buttler Hill’s crowdsourcing and search engine evalutor project. I am in the process of going through the qualification process for Appen Butler Hill and am quite excited about it. You don’t have to send them invoices, but you have to enter your hours on a specific web application. Hi, I’m interesting in applying for BH or LF but I find that most of the information on the specifics of the job is very vague.
To do this, Appen often employs virtual workers for a variety of short-term, contract, and full-time positions.
The Appen Social Media Evaluator position is one of several work-from-home opportunities the company offers. In addition to the Appen Social Media Evaluator position, you can always find virtual career opportunities from Appen. But if you perform well, you may be extended offers for other social media projects in the future.
The Internet References portion of the application is basically asking you what social media accounts you use, the link to your profiles, and a brief description of how you use them. As with any position you’re applying to, make sure you tweak your resume a bit to make it stand out as a good fit for the Appen Social Media Evaluator position. The questions and meant to see how good of a fit you’ll be as an Appen Social Media Evaluator. In doing so, you may be contacted out of the blue for future opportunities even if you’re found not to be a good fit for the Appen Social Media Evaluator position. Although this is an independent contractor, part-time opportunity, the Appen Social Media Evaluator position a great way to use your social media know-how to supplement your income each month. Most people who do this don’t even earn minimum wage when all is said and done, but it may be something good to have access to when there is no other work available for you with Appen.

Many people get into doing search evaluation with lots of high hopes only to become very disappointed when the work turns out to be nothing like they expected. In the form I admitted working for another company as the evaluator (don’t remember whether the name was there) and I think that was the reason.
Although I did find that type of work hard to focus for some task, I am considering applying for Butler Hill. If you can follow written instructions well and stick to Appen’s guidelines, you should not have any problems being successful. I’m thinking about doing an updated appen review soon, so if I do I will include that info. The only thing holding me back right now is the application says you would have to be exposed to pornography from time to time. I chose to upload a cover letter that highlighted relevant experience and briefly discussed how I would make a good Social Media Evaluator.
I was invited to take their exams for the qualification process the following day after I applied to get started on a project. In order to do this, they need native speakers to evaluate content and determine its relevancy.
Lionbridge rejected my application in an email stating they are unable to give me feedback due to large volume of applications. I believe the reason may have been that I applied to Lionbridge after I applied to Leapforce.

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