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Pharmacy Technician Salary varies by several factors, such as Jobs, Position, Employers, Skills, Experience, States, Cities and so on.
As experience increases substantially, so does the average salary, with those who have more than 15 years of experience making an average of $56,667 annually (as shown in the Salary by Experience graph).
While the healthcare workplaces may be shifting, the average salaries within those organizations are surprisingly close. In analyzing the average salaries by region, there is an average decrease in salary by about 1 percent less than last year’s report. The healthcare industry’s average salaries may not have increased substantially across the board, but more jobs have been created and filled nationwide.

BLS statistics reflect that professionals with a master’s degree have a greater chance for promotions and an increase in salaries.
Continuing education is a great way to keep a career on track, expand knowledge, remain competitive, and increase one’s real value in the jobs market. Physical education teachers can find numerous jobs among public entities and private employers seeking health and nutrition specialists, physical trainers and motivational leaders.
For instance, according to this year’s data, those holding any of AAPC’s specialty credentials make an average annual salary of $53,489.
When comparing the average salaries of those working in different settings, there is only about a $6,500 range, with solo and small group practices on the lower end at $42,202 and health systems on the higher end at $48,789, as shown in the Salary by Workplace graph.

It should be noted, however, that 2012 was an exceptionally good year for our average salaries; so good that it proved almost impossible to beat. This might include distributing reading materials on Greco-Roman wrestling and the first Olympic contests, to the history of American baseball, to the dimensions of basketball courts and the meanings of numerous terms like “traveling” and “off sides” and the difference between 2- vs. On average, university and four-year college teachers earn higher salaries than their counterparts at junior colleges.
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