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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported positive gains for the eleventh month in a row from the manufacturing industry last month, with 16,000 new jobs added in June, 2014.1 This is great news for welders, who are responsible for much of what is built in the United States. Malo Hassalbad, Program Chair for Industrial Programs, HVAC, and Welding for the Charter College Vancouver campus has had 15 years of on-the-job welding experience, including a 13-month contract in Afghanistan. What you might not know about the welding career is that you will constantly have to pass tests to prove your skill in a certain area.

A 10-month welding certificate program will help you launch your welding career by familiarizing you with the most common welding processes, materials, and codes that govern the industry.
Hassalbad is also a Certified Welding Inspector, which means that every job out there needs to go through someone like him. Especially for people who enjoy working outside, welding is one of those careers that can really take you places.

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