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The experience you gain from doing part time jobs while in school can be very valuable once you graduate, especially if the job was in line with your career. A number of job sites post part-time job opportunities which Kenyan university students can apply for.
We have gathered some part time jobs which are quite flexible in terms of time and pay quite handsomely.
Another amazing job opportunity for students in colleges or universities in Kenya is event planning. Gradberry, which officially launches at the end of September, was founded by recent graduates from the American University of Sharjah: Iba Masood, 21, and a 22-year-old engineering graduate who wished to remain anonymous. So far, Gradberry has had successful meetings with multinational companies to post jobs for interns and fresh graduates, Ms Masood said. A job website catering to students and fresh graduates is a step forward, according to an expert.

Sara Kazilbash, who graduated in June with a degree in mass communication from the American University of Sharjah, won a recent job interview through Gradberry. Get an inside look at the Audio Technology Master's Program from our faculty, alumni, and students. The program's close association with the Departments of Computer Science, Physics, and Performing Arts allows students to explore different aspects of the discipline, including practical work experience, while our active working relationship with the School of Communication enables students to gain practical experience as well as further interdisciplinary perspectives. Now Kenyan university students have to find ways to make money and survive these tough economic times while sparing adequate time to study and enjoy a social life. For starters, most Kenyan university students are in class throughout the day and only have a few hours in a day to spare. Here are 5 job ideas for those Kenyan university students who want to make some extra money while in school.
With our strong core courses in sound synthesis, audio production, digital audio workstations, electronics, and physics, we are unique in our approach to blending the art and science in audio in the context of an educational program: please see more about us in our Facilities, Student Profiles, and Audio Tech Program Video.

Most of these jobs are posted online and you don’t require any experience since you will learn on the job. But since there are students in Kenyan universities working part time, we figured it can be done. Choose the jobs you come across wisely and always remember that you still have to leave ample time for your studies.
Most Kenyan university students who are working part-time have gotten the jobs through their friends, family or colleagues so don’t hesitate to ask around for job openings.

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