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Social media applications are finding there way all over the net wherever collaboration can add value.
Wow, i see how great the social media put so much connection to each other sites and other web properties. New networks show up all the time, companies are created to measure your influence online and all generations are sharing online in a variety of ways. Other types of social media include those mentioned above like video sharing, event sharing, news aggregation, blogging, photo sharing and bookmarking.

This content can be words, pictures, chat, maps, audio, video, recommendations, ratings, or a mix of all of the above. According to a recent report showcased on Reuters, one in five people in the study outright lied in their social media profile. I know when I’m not comfortable in a social situation, I turn to texting, tweeting or email on my phone.
This must be a common feeling because a third of all Americans feel more comfortable sharing online rather than face to face.

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