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In the past, temporary workers were often intentionally excluded from the systems and processes used by permanent staff for fear of inadvertently giving them employment rights.
AWR Tracker – our free web-based system allows you to track the AWR status of ALL your temporary agency workers (not just those from Driver Hire), and – critically – will alert you when your temps are approaching the all important 12-week AWR qualification status. With the introduction of the new Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) fast approaching and coinciding with the crucial run-up to Christmas, supply chain consultancy Total Logistics is urging UK businesses to consider how it will impact on their logistics planning. AWR will entitle agency workers, after their first twelve weeks of employment, to the same basic employment and working conditions as if they were permanent employees.

The majority of UK based Recruiters and HR Managers are aware that the regulations will require temporary workers to be treated similarly to permanent employees (although most aren’t aware of the details). However, as under AWR temporary workers will now automatically obtain many of these rights, organisations have an opportunity to look again at which workforce management systems and processes could be usefully rolled out to their temporary workers.
With many logistics-focused businesses relying heavily on agency workers to provide a valuable, flexible and efficient source of manpower, Total Logistics warns that they may in danger of overlooking a key consideration in their logistics and warehouse planning. However, on the positive side, this could present an opportunity for organisations to include temporary workers in the workforce management systems and processes that were previously reserved for their permanent employees (e.g.

As it has done with permanent staff, the use of these systems and processes with temporary workers could generate real benefits in both in terms of workforce quality and cost.

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