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One area of potential opportunity is likely to come from the core fact that AWR forces organisations to equalise the basic working and employment conditions offered to their permanent and temporary workforce. In the past, temporary workers were often intentionally excluded from the systems and processes used by permanent staff for fear of inadvertently giving them employment rights. Post written by Errol Forbes who works for the Contractor Talent Pool Software Company, Resourcing Circle.

The majority of UK based Recruiters and HR Managers are aware that the regulations will require temporary workers to be treated similarly to permanent employees (although most aren’t aware of the details). However, as under AWR temporary workers will now automatically obtain many of these rights, organisations have an opportunity to look again at which workforce management systems and processes could be usefully rolled out to their temporary workers. However, on the positive side, this could present an opportunity for organisations to include temporary workers in the workforce management systems and processes that were previously reserved for their permanent employees (e.g.

As it has done with permanent staff, the use of these systems and processes with temporary workers could generate real benefits in both in terms of workforce quality and cost.

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