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What makes Click Modeling Agency popular are its famous models, starting from supermodel Elle MacPherson, classic beauty Isabella Rosellini, Bond beauty Grace Jones, actress Uma Thurman, and even the late Whitney Houston. Indeed, Click has lived up to its name for quarter of a century as it established offices in different parts of the country. For those who are interested to become models, they can submit their resume and headshot at the homepage. When Ford models opened a plus size division back in 1998 there was one "star" and that was Emme. The models on Ford's plus board were becoming more visible in the "high fashion world" and prompted important discussions about diversity of body size and health in the industry. Runk made headlines a few months ago when she became the first plus size women to appear in H&M's swimwear campaign, modeling Beyonce's swimwear line. At Jag, Runk hopes to continue to speak out about body image and become an inspirational voice for young women. Let's hope more agencies start following Jag's example and do away with the meaningless "plus size" categorization.
Some of New York's top modeling agencies are named in a multimillion-dollar lawsuit that alleges they've used shady accounting practices to hold onto money they should have paid their models.

Raske's suit also claims that in a similar case decided in 2005, some models were told they would "never again model in New York" if they sued their agencies.
Representatives for Ford and Wilhelmina did not respond to requests for comment on this post.
We specialize in models for fashion, print, trade show and promotional campaigns, as well as specialty talent and staffing.
With a superior standard of service and the highest caliber of talent, we have become one of the most sought out and well-respected boutique modeling agencies in New York City. Sometimes, its models even represent competing brands which shows the demand for the company’s models. It has agencies in Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Los Angeles, Miami, North Carolina, and Philadelphia.
And then, last month, Ford shuttered it, along with "classics" (read: women over a certain age) and kids. But Susan Scafidi, founder of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University and a board member of the Model Alliance, told us that model payment has been an issue for quite some time.
This production company is renowned for its line of clients that are popular in film, stage, television, and music.

You would be surprised to know that Garett Neif, a former Calvin Klein Men’s Fragrance model was discovered at the airport by a scout talent from Click. But that's just what former Ford agents Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarka, both of whom co-directed Ford's plus board for many years, have done in setting up their new agency Jag. The agency also tightly collaborates with Flick East West Talents that has earned its mark for representing actors and actresses for movies and commercials. Overall, it could be said that being model is a rewarding career especially if reputable agencies like Click manages your portfolio. For the founders, the click of a camera is the beginning of wonderful things for photographers.
We've spoken recently about branching out from just modeling, and for me to rise up to my role as a public advocate for what I believe in. He added Crystal Renn to Ford's plus board who walked the runways of Paris, starred in editorials in VogueParis, and landed a Chanel campaign.

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