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We all know how popular social media networking has become and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are amongst the most powerful networks in the world right now. These social networks do provide a fantastic environment for paid advertising because they allow you to target by geography, interests, sex, age, and much more.
With so many available platforms, you really need to sit down and weight out the pros and cons to determine the platform that you think (based on your targeting requirements) will be the most successful in reaching your target audience. Once again, the best aspect of social media paid advertising is the almost unlimited targeting you are open to. Social media has quickly become a staple in our everyday lives, personally and professionally. Advertising With Social Media 2 video:Social media marketing is different from traditional marketing in many ways.
The results with social media are measurable and brands can take immediate action when they spot trends.
Advertising on social media lets you be in front of your customers constantly, changing and adapting quickly to buyer input. When you advertise on social media, your original message not only goes to those using your original site, but it gets passed from user to user throughout other social media sites as well. Social media advertising allows you to tap into the latest technologies such as smartphones tablets and other mobile devices whereas traditional advertising is limited to static sources like newspapers, television or radio spots.

Advertising With Social Media video:With social media advertising, though, customers and clients can be quickly and repeatedly exposed to your brand, remember your brand and be exposed to your deals. In this report, we’ll explore the benefits and advantages of advertising on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and how they compare to traditional forms of marketing. There are many reasons you should be advertising on sites like Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn. When you advertise on the social media platforms, you can target your ads by geography, education, interests, age, sex marital status and so much more. Social media ads can be used to get engagement and interaction about your traditional campaigns. If you had doubts about the benefits of social media advertising, hopefully these advantages will help convince you how powerful it can be.
Traditional advertising, on the other hand, depends on the number of impressions they receive. In traditional advertising – radio, newspaper ads, TV- it’s more difficult to interact immediately with your audience. Social media’s ability to see a message go viral as it’s passed from user to user or website to website is more influential than ever in marketing.
Engagement and relationship building are big differences in how social media marketing is changing the way you market to your customers.

Adding social media advertising to your marketing strategy along with your regular interaction on social media can make a big difference in your brand’s growth.
With millions of people visiting these sites every day, you can get your message to the people who matter the most. In traditional advertising your audience has to take some further step such as memorizing a website they will have to visit. With traditional marketing, it takes time and resources to find out if your message is being well received.
Targeted advertising is more efficient than other types of advertising since you can spend you budget on the right group of consumers. You have control of your advertising budget by monitoring it daily and changing it if needed.
Advertising on social media gives you the opportunity to target customers who in turn will act as your advertiser by recommending your product or services.

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