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Abu Dhabi’s media environment is in the midst of rapid diversification, with ongoing investment in technology and skills in line with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030 goals to build a sustainable sector capable of driving long-term economic growth and creating highly skilled jobs for Emiratis. One of them is the Touch Your Heart, Donate for Love campaign by Touchmedia, China’s in-taxi media company. Test screens appeared in 20 taxis in December last year, and Taxi Media Middle East now had 1,022 screens in local taxis. Abu Dhabi Media Zone has attracted hundreds of companies to date with film and television broadcast and production firms making up 30% of its tenants, while companies in the growing digital media segment account for another 13%.

The Taxi Media system uses a GPS system that tracks the taxi, so the screens can display ads according to their location and time. As taxis are replaced after they reach five years in service, Taxi Media will instal screens in new vehicles. Indeed, digital platforms are forecast to outperform traditional media in MENA in the next three years, with compound annual growth of 28% anticipated over the 2013-17 period, with increased levels of e-commerce expected to be a major growth contributor across the region.
Taxi Media expects the full fleet of 7,346 taxis to have screens after two and a half years since installation will be done in batches, its spokesman said.

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