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Facebook can now be a job board with a new application, Work For Us, which allows Page administrators to install a tab on their Page to collect potential hires’ information.
The app’s basic version is free for 30 days and allows brands to post jobs on their Pages and automatically create Facebook ads advertising these jobs; Facebook users, on the other hand, can apply for jobs right on this Facebook tab and socialize on Facebook with their potential future employers. The company has several tiers of service plans, which vary in the number of job slots that may be posted each month and the corresponding number of Facebook ads that will be generated. We already know that Linkedin today is very different to how it was at launch, and the surge in registrations from ALL demographics means that Facebook is far removed from the crappy university interactive yearbook it was concieved as. First, I looked at Facebook’s potential alleged (in case any lawyers are reading) age discrimination in some of its job adverts.

Whether you agree with it or not, age is one of the ‘protected characteristics’ under the Equality Act 2010, therefore in my opinion this is a risky strategy by Facebook because it may be tantamount to unlawful indirect age discrimination against younger job applicants. However, unless Facebook can objectively justify why for example an Executive Recruiter MUST have at least 7 years’ experience, it may be a wise move to replace the ‘length of service’ stipulation with a summary of the actual level of specific skills that are required. Last night Facebook and Karmarama declined to comment on the question of Mrs Mendelsohn's working arrangements. New and innovative apps are frequently discussed in depth in our premium service, Inside Facebook Gold. The Free version, for example, includes 1 monthly job slot, unlimited users and no Facebook ads, whereas the Max version (the most pricey plan) includes unlimited jobs, $1,500 in free ads and unlimited users for $499 a month.

Clicking on the job title yields a more substantive description and one may Share the job or Like it to help Facebook friends who may be looking for a new gig. Select an interesting job, and then “Click to view on Monster”, which takes you out of Facebook.

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