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Nearly 95 percent of recruiters use or plan to use social media in their recruitment efforts. Between the constant changes and hundreds of new methods, there are plenty of ways recruiters can mess up when using social media.
Social media can be a truly valuable resource for recruiters, but it’s important to devise a plan before you jump in. With over billion of users on social networking sites, social media has emerged as an excellent platform for recruiters to find suitable candidates. Huhman is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and founder & president of Come Recommended, a content marketing and digital PR consultancy for job search and human resources technologies.
Social networking is one of the most elite solutions for hiring and sourcing employees in the organization as it is an exciting and innovative mode of linking potential employees and employers. They’re using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more to assess candidates’ experience and cultural fit.
Although social media can make the recruiting process much more efficient, it’s important not to abandon traditional tactics altogether.
At first glance, many recruiters underestimate the amount of time needed to implement a successful social media recruiting strategy.
One of the biggest benefits of using social media is the opportunity to reach potential candidates who are not actively looking for jobs. The big three social media sites are great and very valuable, but you should not limit your strategy to just these channels. Social media is growing rapidly, but doesn’t this mean there are bound to be some mistakes made. Social media can tell you a lot about a candidate, but it cannot show you someone’s interpersonal skills, ability to lead a project, or knack for working as a team. Social networking sites are communities, which means it can take much longer to build relationships with users.
Active job seekers will find you through job boards and other channels, but social media will reach more passive job seekers. Each social media site has a different audience and specific social norms, so it’s important to devise a different strategy for each. Look for industry-specific online networking communities, like LinkedIn groups, and reach out to them directly. Use it to build relationships with these people and they’ll remember you when they’re ready for a career change.
Look for smaller channels based on your own industry, geographical location, and more to target even more qualified candidates.
In such situation, finding a suitable candidate for a defined job is becoming more and more challenging. It might be helpful to research how your competitors are using social media, as well, to determine what communities they engage in to connect with candidates.

Hence, recruiters of both large and small companies leverage social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Video chats, and more, to attract skilled job candidates.
There are a lot of programs out there that allow you to effectively measure social media metrics. Although, there are innovative tools available for use, even to utilize them properly, the recruiters need to learn the art of effectively using social sites. So, here are some steps that you, as a recruiter, can follow to secure adequate results from your social recruiting process.1.
For this, you may consider your company’s long-term and short-term goals, type of workforce required to achieve such goals, technology you will use for attracting them, ways with which you will keep your content attractive and fresh, and more.
Besides these, you must also realize the time you are willing to spend on social networks, and ways to keep the content updated.2.
Checking Your Business Brand Image: You may check online for your company’s brand, its job openings, and agencies that are promoting it. Picking the right social network or platform: To make sure that your social recruiting strategy yields adequate results, it is vital that you select a precise networking platform according to your company’s requirements.
For instance, if the type of candidate you wish to hire holds a more active presence on Facebook than LinkedIn, then you may focus more on other side, or may expand.2. Targeting the Right Candidate: One advantage of social media recruiting is that it allows recruiters to research large pool of candidate with ease and in less time. But, every social networking platform has its set of criteria and parameters to search adequate candidate.
Therefore, you must first see to such parameters and then go for targeting the candidate that best meets your requirements.3. Make Application Process Simple: Don’t make the application process the first step in the hiring process.
Enhance Brand Awareness: With billions of users on various social platforms the visibility of your firm will increase to a great extent.
The company may spend comparatively less amount of money on social media strategies and various tactics involved in it.3.
It improves the quality of candidate hired: People who are well-versed in social media and tools related to it are very much in demand in the present world. It serves as an excellent opportunity to reach passive applicants: It might happen that passive candidates (who are not looking for a job change), may change their job if they came across an interesting job opportunity. It advances referrals: If a business can work well by procuring referrals then referrals may also reap great results in the hiring process. It can be an excellent strategy to utilize numerous social media sites to make job seekers aware of current job openings in your organization.6.
Boost ROI: You can drastically reduce your sourcing costs and boost ROI through powerful social networks. Posting job openings on numerous social networking platforms can deliver more productive returns as compared to the posting job on a single portal.10.

Impressive to the Candidate: Potential candidates are interested to work for companies who is interested in reaching them. Privacy Invasion: For potential candidates who think that employers should not have the right to visit their personal networking accounts might take a serious action against it. Discrimination: This is another major risk that the employers might have to face if they adopt social recruiting methodologies.
State and Federal laws prohibit discriminatory hiring decisions based on sensitive categories such as color, religion, race, and more. Conducting background checks of candidates with the use of social media sites might generate a setback that you have selected the candidate because it belongs to a particular protected category. So, if you wish to hire candidates through social networking sites, then make sure you do not discriminate among them.3.
Fair Credit Reporting Act: Also known as FCRA, it is the governing body for employment background check for the purpose of hiring. So to avoid entering into any dispute, it is wise if you don’t ask employees for their passwords.2. Allow HR to do it: Instead of asking line manager to search and check for an applicant, it is better to ask the HR manager to do this.
It is because the HR manager has a deep knowledge of what is best suitable for the organization.3. Adopt the process in later steps: It is also possible that you may use social networking tools to cross-check about any employee, once the application is received, or the applicant is interviewed. This will be a more protected step towards using social networking sites for the hiring process.4. Document Decisions: It is wise to print the page with social media content on which the entire hiring decision is based. Be aware of all the laws: There are more other laws linked with social media recruiting process other than the FCRA. Some key metrics that can help you to measure the success of your social recruiting strategies are:1.
Increase in number of Facebook friends on your company’s accountBefore you finally decide on a social strategy to implement, you may track key metrics on your present recruiting and sourcing efforts. Establishing your company on the social networking platform also speaks a lot about your business and generates a perception of employees that you are interested in connecting with them.
But, it is also true that hiring through social networks might not be the complete solution.
You can, therefore, use it as a complimentary program with other recruiting options, before you are proficient at it, to make sure you can hire the best candidate for your job posting.

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