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Credit Unions face the same challenges all financial institutions face when it comes to gaining new members. Leveraging our expertise with inbound marketing, digital mediums and years of traditional marketing experience, Strategis produces thoughtful and fully integrated campaigns that instill awareness and trust in your brand. Put the power of predictive analytics to work for you to create more targeted, effective marketing. We guide your credit union in delivering industry-leading, one of a kind marketing driven by credit data to secure prime prospects for your mortgage, HELOC, refinancing and auto loan programs. The majority of people use online search engines to find, examine, and compare products and services; and when it comes to credit unions, members are managing their money via smartphones, apps and computers as opposed to walking in. A new generation of educated buyers and abundance of marketing messaging in the marketplace calls for a more modern approach to marketing.
In recent years, inbound marketing has proven to be very effective at attracting and retaining customers, providing a higher marketing ROI for credit unions.
An important part of increasing marketing ROI for financial institutions is creating a website that appeals to the target population. Use bright, eye-catching colorsWhen it comes to a credit union website, an attractive design can go a long way.

This couldn’t be truer than for the Millennial generation, who expects to have their financial needs at their fingertips, and would prefer to avoid the face to face interaction required at a branch location.Promotions and RewardsAs the New Year rolls in, roll out an attention-grabbing promotion by offering a unique product or low rate for new members.
Our partnership allows us to integrate multi-sourced data with information from all three major credit bureaus and use that data in a trigger-based credit union marketing program. In our multi-touch, subscription based model, you have the ability to put your credit union brand and services in front of potential new members on a weekly basis.
TV and radio spots, direct mail, and in-your-face marketing practices are no longer as effective as they once were.
Many people enact change in their lives at the start of a new year, and capitalizing on this trend can lead to increased customer acquisition. Inbound marketing, pulling your customers in towards your brand through relevant information, is the key piece you need to improve your credit union customer acquisition strategies. Create a clean website design that’s easy to navigateCredit union websites should make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.
Creating marketing strategies around social media using channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help you reach potential customers where they are most active.Take Advantage of TechnologyCredit unions have much to offer that private banks do not, including more personal service and lower fees and rates.
Don’t forget to include content that’s geared toward womenWomen make up a large portion of credit union target markets and members, and credit union websites should reflect this.

If you are interested in measuring your credit union’s customer acquisitions and proving your marketing ROI, download our free eBook!
Forgetting this significant population means missing out on an opportunity to reach an important demographic.4.
It’s essential that credit unions develop responsive websites that work well on every device and fit screens of all sizes.An effective website design can be the difference between a credit union that’s surviving and one that’s thriving. Periodically assess your credit union’s website to find ways that you can better reach and appeal to your target market.
For more information about proving the ROI for your credit union’s website, download our free eBook!

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