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Stay ahead of the competition in today's job market and earn a Degree or Masters in accounting or finance.
In our career articles and business news center you can choose from a variety of accounting career and job related articles or check out the latest news happening in the world of accounting information. Welcome to part three in our three-part series on entry-level finance and accounting jobs to consider for recent or soon-to-be graduates with 4-year accounting or finance degrees. So for recent grads interested in working for businesses in other industries or the government, plenty of opportunities exist to kick off their accounting and finance careers.
Entry-level finance and accounting jobs can be found in manufacturing, at marketing and advertising agencies, for technology and energy companies, with city, state and local governments and more.
Along with the traditional entry-level accounting jobs we discussed earlier, here are a few additional positions to consider in the private, public and government sectors. This is the second in our three-part series on entry-level finance and accounting jobs to consider for recent or soon-to-be graduates with 4-year accounting or finance degrees. Part three of this series will cover entry-level finance and accounting jobs in the general private and public sectors. Another round of accounting and finance majors are set to secure their undergraduate diplomas in the coming weeks. We’ve compiled a list of jobs for you to peruse, along with median income expectations from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ (BLS) most recent research. In the first part of this three-part series, we will review jobs in accounting and those in the insurance sector. Graduates with 4-year accounting degrees are in demand and have a better chance of finding work than many other recent grads according to research from the University of California, San Diego. Part two of this series will cover entry-level finance and accounting jobs in finance and banking. November 22, 2013 by doostang 1 Comment If you’re a recent college graduate with a 4-year accounting degree, current job prospects are brighter for you than many other college grads.
Entry-level accounting jobs and internships come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, or should we say industries and job titles.
If you live and breathe accounting and want to work for a company that specializes in your field, consider becoming a CPA, and apply for work at a CPA firm.

If you hope to advance your career in accounting, obtaining your CPA license can help give you an edge over the competition. While you may need a finance degree (and an MBA) to secure a financial analyst position at one of the top finance firms, private corporations in industries such as manufacturing, e-commerce, health care, utilities and others often hire recent accounting graduates for financial analyst positions. Entry-level financial analyst jobs don’t require prior experience, but you can expect to work a lot of hours.
Recent college grads with 4-year accounting degrees have an abundance of career options to choose from today. Management Development Associate, Cleveland, OH – Top Industrial Supply Company seeks Management Development Associate. In addition to our accounting job board and job tools, we offer several career resources including accounting job descriptions, accounting resumes, salary reviews, accounting schools and more.
In parts one and two, we covered entry-level jobs in the fields of accounting, insurance, finance and banking along with the median income for these jobs as estimated by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS).
If you look outside of traditional accounting and finance firms for work, you might be surprised how many operations (big and small) have openings for recent accounting and finance grads.
An MBA is often required for financial manager positions, but some smaller companies will hire graduates with 4-year finance or accounting degrees and some previous work experience for these jobs. You can find a number of additional entry-level jobs under different job titles, with varying job descriptions and many duties that overlap. We specialize in helping top accounting and finance grads and MBAs find great jobs with some of the top finance and accounting firms and in other industries nationwide. In part one, we covered entry-level jobs in the field of accounting and the insurance industry along with the median income for these jobs as estimated by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS).
Some of the best jobs often go to candidates with MBAs, but prior experience in the finance industry might get you a shot at positions with the top firms. Competition is tough for entry-level investment banking analyst jobs, much like financial analyst positions – because they both pay well. You may not get your dream job straight out of the gate, but getting experience to further your finance career will help you advance to top accounting and finance jobs down the road. Parts two and three will cover jobs in finance, banking and other positions available in the private and public sectors.

If you’re looking at options for entry-level accounting jobs, you might consider the following positions. We will close out the series in part 3, looking at others accounting and finance positions in the private and public sectors.
If you are ready start your job search, but aren’t sure which type of accounting position to pursue, here’s a breakdown of some of the top jobs available for recent grads with 4-year accounting degrees.
If you would like the opportunity to perform a wide range of accounting tasks, look for a general accounting job.
If you prefer to focus on a specific area of accounting, consider seeking out work as a specialist such as a cost accountant, tax accountant or auditor. Or if you want to obtain a more advanced accounting position for a private corporation or the government, a CPA license might give you the leverage you need. Many CPA firms will hire new accounting grads for entry-level CPA positions, even without a license.
If you’re looking for the best entry-level accounting and finance jobs, visit the Doostang website, and start searching for accounting jobs and finance careers now. Possible job titles include accounting generalist, cost accountant, tax accountant, accounting manager, corporate controller, corporate accountant, certified public accountant (CPA) and more. Along with a variety of financial analyst opportunities, consider these entry-level jobs if you’re interested in working in insurance.
These positions come with variety and may give you the responsibility of managing other accounting staff.
This position might also be referred to as a chief accountant, accounting manager, corporate controller or corporate accountant. Long hours, travel to unglamorous locales and a nice paycheck are typical “perks” of entry-level financial analyst jobs. Median Income: the BLS didn’t provide median income for this position specifically, however these jobs fall into the same pay scale range as financial analysts, so expect a similar median income of $74,350.

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