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Smeet will be the leading platform for live online social experiences and interaction worldwide. Founded in 2006, the Berlin company offers a virtual 3D world with interaction via avatars as a key element, connecting live entertainment and communication features. Firstly, to build up their houses, avatars and social statuses through collecting points, levelling up, and harvesting and investing energy in different worlds. From the beginning, Smeet has been heavily invested in our community management on the platform and, more recently, on Facebook as well.
With more advanced gameplay and more sophisticated social features, we aim to attract over 20 million users and deliver a fun, innovative way to playfully meet people.

In this way, players meet new people and connect with them over time, creating new social relationships and enabling long-term retention, above-average lifetime usage and monetization. Secondly, to meet real people live online when they navigate through the different worlds and games with their avatars. Since I became CEO in the beginning of 2009, the team has grown to over 110 employees, and Smeet is represented in more than 15 countries and over ten million users are playing the social chat game worldwide. With the integration of the social gaming elements on Smeet, we saw our company KPIs jump significantly. After creating final avatar, you can flaunt it at your profile account at different social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Blogger.2.

More Avatar creation resourcesThere are number of other online tools to create quick and cool looking avatar images like: Lego style avatars, Obama style avatar photos.

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