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The Ragan survey found that when it comes to tools used to measure social media, a 59% majority rely on free tools, while 35% use a combination of free and paid tools. When it comes to hiring people to work on social media, a plurality of respondents (45%) look at the applicant’s combination of experience and degree, although less than 1% look at degree alone. Despite their commitment to frequently using social media, 70% of respondents find it challenging to keep up with new tools and platforms. About one-quarter aren’t satisfied with how they measure social media, although a plurality (42%) are only somewhat satisfied.

Lack of time (65%) and lack of manpower (63%) are the chief roadblocks to social media measurement.
52% say they keep their heads above water, but barely, while 18% say they find it overwhelming, and do a poor job.
27% said they have an internal team that works exclusively on social media, while an additional 5% said they have both an internal department and use an outside agency or partner. That might explain why almost two-thirds describe their social media efforts as intermediate, in that they use social media regularly but have more to learn and accomplish.

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