Plug-in Hosting

RX supports the use of VST, AudioUnit (AU), and DirectX plug-ins. To enable the use of plug-in hosting, open the Plug-in module.

You can run RX in 32-bit mode if you need to use 32-bit VST, AU, or DirectX plug-ins.

In Windows, run the iZotope RX (not iZotope RX 64-bit) shortcut from the Start Menu.

In OS X, select iZotope RX in the Applications folder, right click it, and select Get Info. You can use this menu to configure which mode RX runs in.

Note: When used as a VST in RX, iZotope Insight's loudness history does not run during offline processing. You will not see metering details, unless you are using Preview.

Selection Based Processing

With a plug-in loaded into RX's Plug-in module, you can make use of the same audio selection tools and Preview and Compare options that are available for other RX modules.

This can allow for very detailed processing and greater accuracy when working with your existing plug-ins, giving you audio selection options unavailable in a traditional DAW setup.

Plug-in Presets

Only one plug-in may be loaded at a time. However, with the use of presets, multiple settings and presets may be recalled quickly in order to move between plug-in instances.

When your plug-in is configured the way you would like it, select Add Preset from the small Preset drop down arrow.

Assign Presets to Keyboard Shortcuts

Once your preset is named and saved, you can then assign that plug-in and preset to a keyboard shortcut with the Set Preset Shortcut feature.

This keyboard shortcut will recall not only the plug-in settings, but the plug-in instance itself. As such, if a preset is saved with Plug-in 1, and Plug-in 2 is currently loaded into RX's plug-in window, pressing the preset keyboard shortcut will re-instantiate Plug-in 1 and recall the exact settings when the preset was made.

This can allow for very quick editing, processing, and recall of plug-in instances and settings, providing a quicker workflow than traditional DAW track/mixer environments.