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Interserver Review

Interserver Hosting Options:

Nexcess Hosting

VPS Hosting:

If you're looking for cloud VPS hosting - Interserver has you covered. They have high performance hardware with SSD hard drives (20x faster!) on all their VPS servers. Furthermore, with a cloud-based service, you can get up and running in a matter of seconds with instant provisioning, an easy to use control panel, and 100s of apps ready to deploy. Interserver offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and has solid and reliable 24/7 customer support. Furthermore, you can choose a location for your cloud VPS from New Jersey, California, or Texas in the US, or Hong Kong, Paris, and London. You have your choice of operating system between Centos, Debian, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, and Windows 2008, and between Cpanel and Direct Admin for control panels.

Shared Hosting:

Interserver offers standard shared hosting, managed Wordpress hosting, and hosting. Their shared hosting stacks up very nicely against all the other shared hosting providers out there. They have state of the art servers in a solid data center, with unlimited storage and transfer. But the place where interserver really shines, is in their 24/7 customer support, and servers that are never allowed to go past 50% capacity, which eliminates most of the problems that other shared hosting providers suffer (with overcrowded servers).

Reseller Hosting:

A fantastic service that Interserver offers is reseller hosting for those wanting to startup their own small web hosting service, or for people wanting to keep their own websites separated. The same rock-solid hardware and customer support, but in a format that allows you to manage clients or multiple websites.

Dedicated Servers:

Interserver offers dedicated servers for those with larger websites or apps who need the processing power and bandwidth from a server all to themselves. For the ultimate in control, a dedicated server in New Jersey might be the right choice. With many hardware and operating system options available, you can host just about whatever you need to with great pricing and ultimate flexibility, all at a great price.

Quick Servers:

Quick servers are dedicated servers that are available with a super-fast 20-minute startup time. Get the rapid availability and ease of a cloud instance, but with the server resources and bulk pricing of a dedicated server. Great for those who need rapid scalability.


Interserver can colocate your hardware - anything from a single server all the way up to a full closed cabinet. With line of sight to NYC and solid reliability, Interserver is a great choice for any hardware you wish to colocate.

About Interserver was founded in 1999, and unlike the thousands of web hosting companies that have opened and closed in the 18 years since then, Interserver has succeeded by putting its customer's needs first. Their customer service is available, friendly, and competent. By owning their own datacenter, Interserver is able to compete both in terms of the fastest and most reliable hardware, but also in extremely competitive prices. Take a look at this customer review:

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