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Ever since I was a little
girl, I dreamedof working
with airplanes. But I never
imagined I’dbeworkingwith the
largest airline in theworld. I takepride
inmy jobnot onlybecause I lovewhat
I do, but because I know I have the
responsibility toget that airplaneo the
That is themost satisfyingpart ofmy
job.Other people’s lives dependonme.
I’vebeen anAircraftMaintenance
Technician (AMT)withAmerican
Airlines since 2001 andhavebeen
based inourMiami hub since 2003.
Of our 530AMTswho arebased in
Miami, I amoneof just sevenwho are
women.Aircraftmaintenance is still
apredominantlymale job, but that’s
changing asmorewomenenter the
field. Thewomen andmenonour
teamhave the same skills.We trust
and respect eachother.And all of us
learn from and support eachother on a
dailybasis. I am soproud to represent
Outsideof work, I havehad the
privilegeof starting a charitygroup
that serves needy children inLatin
American countries, such asHonduras
andNicaragua, through local church
groups. Wedeliver food and clothing
and I’m able tousemyflight benefits to
travel to the areas thatmyorganization
serves.Americanholds community
service inhigh regard and I am soproud
tobepart of the team.
Onbehalf ofAmerican’smore
than9,000AMTs, and the rest of our
100,000employees, thank you for
flyingwithus today.Wehope to see
you again soon.
We’d love tohear what
you think about our
airline andour service.
stayup todateon the
latest developments and
benefits fromAmerican
women in theworkforce.
Replacing landinggear, checking
thehydraulics system anddoing routine
enginemaintenance are among the
many tasks thatmakeupmyday.And I
want our passengers to know that when
I’m changing that tireor replacing those
brakes, I am thinkingof you. Your safety
is at the forefront of what I and the
maintenance teamdo, and it’s themost
important aspect ofmy job.Wework
together with your well-being inmind
so that you feel comfortableflyingon
Americanwith your families, knowing
that thebest jobwas done and that you
are traveling in the safest conditions.
March isWomen’sHistoryMonth,
and I want toencourageother women
togo for what theywant in life,
and tonot be scared.Womenwork
everywhere. There shouldbeno limits.
Dowhat you love and lovewhat you
do. Itmight not be theeasiest path, but
withdetermination, you can accomplish
ZulmaGallego is
doing a routine
checkon some
andensuring the
engine is getting
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