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The Imagize Your World webstore is COMING SOON to!

Once the new webstore is open for business, the URL will take you directly to that, and this page will no longer exist.


If you are looking for the information page that used to be here, you can now find it at

That information page will continue to be accessible, even after the webstore is open.


If you are looking for my products, links to my currently open online shops.

Please note that I have temporarily closed some of my shops -- and not yet officially opened some others -- to better concentrate on some much needed updates to my shops/listings on eBay, Etsy and Bonanza, as well as prepare to finally open The links available at are only the shops that are currently "open for business," and the link for (which currently leads here); however, as the other shops are re-opened (or opened for the first time), they will be added to my Every Place I Sell profile, and that will continue to be kept up to date after this page is gone.


If you are looking for the Imagize Your World Facebook Page, you can find it at


Last Updated 12/10/2018