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Thank you for visiting Imagize Your World! Hopefully you will find the link you are looking for below (if not, you can contact me through any of my venue shops listed for assistance).

To make a purchase, please see the list of my featured venue shops below. (You may purchase directly -- via PayPal or Google Wallet -- by contacting me through the ArtFire venue.)

General information about the items I sell and components I use (including Sample Photos), can be found in the following places... Please note that all of these pages are works-in-progress; since most of my photos are in the process of being updated, in addition to my shops all getting virtual facelifts, updates may take some time.


~ Featured Imagize Your World Shops ~

I am still "moving in" to my shops, so many of the items I offer are not listed yet. If you are looking for something specific just let me know what it is and how you would prefer to purchase it (specify a venue shop or request a direct purchase). Please also note that pricing may vary, due to differences in venue polices and fees (and what has and has not been updated yet). For your convenience, the shops are listed, top to bottom, from lowest general pricing to the highest general pricing (although many of the shops -- other than eBay -- will often be the same).

PayPal is officially accepted through all the shops noted above. (Customers in the U.S. may also mail a USPS Money Order; contact me if you need assistance with a specific checkout system.)

* In addition to PayPal, a purchase made through Bonanza can be paid for with Google Wallet (formerly called Google Checkout).

** In addition to PayPal, a purchase made through Etsy can be paid for with a Credit Card. (Etsy is the credit card processor for these purchases, so I will not have access to your actual card info.)


Last Updated 06/25/2012