Combustion Controls

Types: Microprocessor-based boiler and ancillary equipment controls, PLC-based boiler and ancillary equipment controls
Uses: Repairs, retrofits, and upgrades
Typical Uses/Applications: Parallel positioning, fuel metering, steam metering, flow metering, variable speed drives (VSD), oxygen (O2) trimming, feed water boiler level control, touchscreen human machine interface

Custom Boiler Plant Systems

Types: Master panels, boiler control systems, and ancillary equipment control systems
Typical Uses / Applications: Condensing boiler systems, non-condensing boiler systems, steam boiler systems, boiler plant equipment
Typical Applications: Boiler plant optimization, configurable rotation and sequencing, on-site monitoring with building automation interface, remote monitoring through network or smart device, SCADA capabilities

Flame Safeguard

Types: Honeywell, Fireye, Siemens
Typical Uses / Applications: Repairs, retrofits, and upgrades
Typical Applications: Integrated or stand alone for combustion systems

Custom Control Solutions

Types: Boiler control systems, operator consoles, PLC based systems, process control systems, SCADA systems
Typical Uses / Applications: Gas Detection Systems, Explosion Proof For Corrosive And Toxic Environments, HVAC Systems, Industrial Plants, Plant Master Systems, Single or Multi-Pump Installations for Commercial, Industrial, And Municipal Buildings

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