In the top three tricks to teach your dog, trust is one of the most important things that you will have to teach. Once you have taught your dog the basic commands of sit, come, stay and lay down, you should have taught him his basic needs and then you can begin to train him how to behave.

Top 3 Tricks To Teach Your Dog

After you have trained your dog to obey these commands, it is then time to get to know him. One of the most common ways to make this happen is to take him to a park, a designated dog park. You can even go with him and sit on a chair or anything that you think he might like to do to relax him.

This will allow your dog to be around other dogs without you worrying about him being fearful of them. The first thing you need to teach your dog is that when a person walks up to him, he should stand and greet them. Let your dog know that when you are not around, he should come to you. This is a very important tip to keep in mind as soon as you are able to start walking him.

As soon as your dog knows that you are the leader of the pack, you need to be sure that he knows who is the leader of the pack. This is by far the most important thing that you can teach your dog because this is the only way that your dog can be fully confident when he is around other dogs.

As soon as you have given your dog the confidence to trust that you are his leader, you need to learn a few basic commands that will allow your dog to interact with people without fearing for his life. For instance, if someone walks by and is talking to you, try giving your dog a pat. Don’t give him a shock because this is too much for him to handle. Instead, pat him on the head, or if you are close enough, try to pet him on the shoulder.

While you are doing this, also be sure to turn your dog’s leash loose. If he starts to get nervous about something in particular, or is panicking, let him run a bit away from the source of stress until he calms down. By teaching your dog the basic commands, he can become a completely obedient dog without you having to resort to the use of some bad techniques.

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