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As a Green Bay fan (and resident), I was fortunate to watch Woodson play in my back yard for 7 seasons, 7 incredible seasons that cemented his certain induction into the NFL Hall of Fame. Charles Woodson will hang up his football cleats after an 18-year career that answered (unlike many before and countless after) every call of hype that stemmed from his Heisman Trophy winning collegiate career. Yet in the hours following his announcement, the overwhelming majority of tributes began with commentary not about his relentlessness on game day, not about his tireless preparation, not about his actions which always spoke as loudly as his poetic prose.

Those who played with him, alongside him, coached him, and covered him, spoke unanimously and immediately of the man.
On the other hand, as I believe to be the case with Charles Woodson, when a man is defined by who he is, there is great peace in retirement.

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