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The Indianapolis Colts got a much needed win in Week 4 in overtime against the Jacksonville Jaguars to pull back to .500. The Buffalo Bills have impressive wins this season over the Indianapolis Colts and Miami Dolphins, but have yet to win consecutive games. The Baltimore Ravens began their season 0-3, but got a huge much needed win in Week 4 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
The New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts will play on Monday Night Football with Andrew Luck, Darrelle Revis and TY Hilton leading the way in Week 2.
The first week of the 2015 NFL season is complete, and "overreaction Tuesday" knows no boundaries.
By Nick Younker After many viewers were forced to suffer through the holidays while their favorite shows were on hiatus, the wait for new content might be winding down soon. Four weeks have been completed, and we have a pretty good idea of just how good each team is so far. The Colts were favored by many NFL experts to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this year, and they need to get going.
Chip Kelly coached one of his worst games as an NFL head coach, and DeMarco Murray got just eight carries the entire game.

Despite adding Frank Gore to the roster, many questions still remain in regards to the ground game. They lost a game they should have won against the Broncos, Steve Smith dropped a potential game-winning touchdown pass from Joe Flacco, and they lost Terrell Suggs for the season.
The major networks have announced when those shows will be returning, as well as new spring premieres. The Chiefs won their opening day game against the Houston Texans, but are now on a three game losing streak. The Ravens probably won't be winning the AFC North over the Bengals, but if they can get on a little roll, they can still get a wild card spot.
After that terrible loss, the Giants return home for the next two games in very winnable matches. Unfortunately for them, Steve Smith is injured and he will miss their upcoming game against the Cleveland Browns.
They have won 15 consecutive games against the AFC South, and a 16th would officially give them a winning record.
If the Bills lose this game, against the Tennessee Titans, and drop to 2-3, they can pretty much kiss the AFC East title away.

The Broncos didn't look very impressive in Week 1, but they still escaped with a win over the Baltimore Ravens. Even at 0-2 the Colts could still win the AFC South, but the odds of them getting home-field advantage with back to back losses is very slim. In Week 6 the Bills will take on the now undefeated Cincinnati Bengals so this game is absolutely critical.
That means they would have to finish the season 8-3 down the stretch to have a winning record of 9-7. A home game against the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium is just what the doctor ordered. This game will be played at home for the Colts on Monday Night Football in front of everyone.

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