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Each property owned by a player will grant you weekly income, which varies according to the type of property bought.
Nuclear Waste can be found via a submarine or a Nuclear Waste locator app on your phone which is unlocked after buying the property.
Military and police vehicles, including those both bought on the in-game internet and stolen from the base itself, will not lift restrictions on the base. Following table summarizes the whole competition between the companies and how you can manipulate the market to earn profits from your stocks. Value of the stocks is affected not only by in-game events but also by the different purchases you will be doing during the course of your playthrough.
BAWSAQ is influenced by the actions of the players in Rockstar Social Club; actions by the community will drive prices up and down in this stock market.
GTA 5: New Stock Market Money Cheats, Investment Tips and TricksGrand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) has made a splash in the past few days for its hidden trade secrets that help the gamer get super-rich in no time. Given the fact that GTA 5 stock market trading is influenced by in-game missions and actions of the player, it will reportedly yield close to 80% returns with shares such as Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET).

The completion of Vice Assassination mission grants you Fruit (FRT) stocks bonus on the BAWSAQ exchange. What you need to do is invest in one company and then destroy its rival to increase the value of your stock leading to profit. It may sound simple but to successfully pull it off; you will need tips about the expected future behavior of the stocks.
For example, if community starts destroying one type of car, it will affect the stock related to it in BAWSAQ.
Some of the money tricks are both easy and quick to accomplish, such as $12,000 money cheat (unlimited), while others need repeat efforts such as in-game heist missions, racing and stock market trading.LCN and BAWSAQGive yourself a great chance to earn big money when you play Assassination missions as Franklin or Lester.
The value or the price of BET shares is greatly affected by the Hotel Assassination mission.According to Trade in Detectives, it is the Hotel Assassination mission that yields you a return of $180k on an investment of $100k on BET shares. Make sure all your money ($180m) is on FRT stocks before the mission starts.According to usGamer, your investment will peak at about 50% soon after completing the mission.
Of the 25 properties, there are 8 personal storage facilities for various vehicles ordered on the internet.

Again, Michael and Franklin can buy the helipads, while Trevor does not need to purchase them.
Listen to radio regularly for tips of which stock is expected to perform better in the future and make sure you listen to pre and post-mission briefings. Now sell the FRT stocks and invest in Facade (FAC) on BAWSAQ and advance the game time by two days.
LCN stocks are accessible offline in the GTA 5 game while BAWSAQ stocks are linked to Rockstar's Social Club and requires an internet connection.
If you get caught, you need to evade a 3-star wanted level that could make your survival difficult or even fail the mission.Multi-Target Assassination - Debonaire (DEB) StocksIf you are looking for much higher returns, you should start the Multi-Target Assassination mission, which affects all Debonaire (DEB) stocks on the LCN stock exchange.
According to Trade in Detectives, the optimum time for selling DEB is around 8 in-game hours (or 16 minutes of gameplay) after completing the mission, which will yield you another 80% return.In other words, you should now be richer by $45m with a profit return of $20m, if you invested all your hard earned money into DEB.

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