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Some of the numbers may be inaccurate and doctors haven’t been given a chance to review the data and make corrections, Hoven said in a telephone interview. The data doesn’t show whether charges and payments under one doctor’s name apply to procedures done by other doctors in their employ, potentially increasing the amount of money they receive and the number of patients they care for. The listings, when seen in aggregate, offer insight into doctors’ billing practices across a variety of specialties.

This entry was posted in Invest with Alex, Economic Analysis and tagged medical school, rich doctors by Alex Dvorkin. CMS’s Albright didn’t respond to a question on whether doctors in a large practice group could bill all their services under one name.
Last month, attorneys for his company, Vitreo Retinal Consultants of the Palm Beaches PA, urged a judge to reverse the decision arguing the ruling wasn’t backed by substantial evidence and that the doctor’s billing practices were appropriate, according to court papers filed March 27.

In fact, its outrageous when the top 1% (825,000) medical providers account for 14% of all medical billing in 2012.

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