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I started by targeting by remarketing list and then expanding to lookalike audiences after that was exhausted. It takes a while to find spam-free Groups, but once you do it's just a matter of tracking down admins, adding them as friends, and sending them a quick pitch.
In those cases, delete the post, but also PM the offending member and let them know what happened.
By Bacon’s rejection of ancient authorities, namely Aristotle and Ptolemy, a new science exploded on the scene, producing a plethora of discoveries and inventions that has continued nonstop to this day. Under Ptolemy, there would likely not be television, iPhones, or space shuttles. What Bacon attacked was medieval scholasticism--the idea that everything we need to know has already discovered in the past. Sir Francis believed that, in fulfillment of Daniel’s prophecy, man would increase in knowledge in the last days by casting off unbiblical authorities like Aristotle and investigating God’s natural revelation (creation) with minds that had been created in His image.
List and explain what new social and political conditions existed in Europe to make possible the scientific revolution. In other words, what can be known about God, eternity, spiritual laws and commandments, and other related items, can be discovered through human reason using the tools of the scientific method. They met to discuss and debate, in the spirit of the scientific revolution, what the natural laws were that were to govern all people in their personal, social, and community lives. He also believed that educated persons best discover what these natural laws are that produce harmony, and, therefore, educated people govern best. After returning to France in 1734 he had to again flee imprisonment due to comments made about the absolutists French government in Letters to the English.
A great earthquake takes place in the story of Candide which was based on a real earthquake that hit Lisbon, Portugal in 1755 with great loss of life.

As a youth he was educated by Jesuits, and was not an atheist, as some maintain, but bitterly opposed religious oppression of individual rights, and who believed that what can be known about God comes not through revelation and church dogma but through human reason. The general conclusion was that if someone disobeys “reason” or what the majority decides is “natural law,” that person has to be either removed from the perfect society or be “re educated” so that they use more enlightened reason.
Although he is called the “father of pietism,” he, himself, did not teach nor practice what the later pietists called for--an emotional experience of salvation as a proof of conversion and the separation of the Christian from all secular life. With wealth received from his family Zinzendorf purchased an estate in East Saxony, Germany (at the intersection of Saxony, Poland, and Czechoslovakia) where his intention was to create a community of people who desired to follow the teachings of Spener and to publish books which might awaken Lutheranism from what he felt was its stupor. Within months a request came from Moravia and Bohemia, now sections of present-day Czechoslovakia, from a group of Protestants who were the dominant group in Moravia and Bohemia before the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648), but were now a persecuted minority. Although Franklin did not agree personally with Whtiefield’s message of repentance and faith, he nevertheless admired him as a friend.
The Wesleys were abolitionists and were friends of William Wilberforce and John Newton, other English leaders in the anti-slavery movement in England. If you foresee value in owning a Group, take it seriously by investing the necessary resources into growth.
No longer were men and women content to simply trust the traditional explanations for what seemed to drive the universe around them.
He heard of a new spyglass that had been invented in the Netherlands and set out to build his own.
Whatever forms of government the nations had used to govern, it seemed to the new thinkers that inevitably they always resulted in war.
In other words, what can be known about God, about eternity, about spiritual laws and commandments, can be discovered through human reason using the tools of the scientific method.

There is no one system that fits all, he concluded, BUT whatever form of government is used, it MUST grant freedom to all of its citizens.
What he soon finds is hardship, disappointment, and treachery everywhere as part of the human condition. Second was a man’s right to work his property and to own and control what he makes from it. Investors will purchase stock to enable the producer to even further invest in machinery, workers, and research and development. He once admitted to Whitefield that, “You have almost persuaded me!” Franklin once remarked that after Whitefield had preached in Philadelphia, Franklin walked through the streets and almost everywhere heard families in their homes singing psalms.
He advocated allowing children to set their own agendas in school and granting them freedom to study what was of interest to them. His father was an official in the government of Saxony but died several weeks after Nikolaus’ birth. The American War for Independence was heavily impacted by the Great Awakening, and whatever impact the French philosophes and the Enlightenment had on American thinking, it was greatly tempered by Edwards, the Wesleys, and George Whitefield. His mother requested Philipp Jakob Spener to serve as Nikolaus’ godfather, and sent the child to live with her mother, who was a godly, pietistic Lutheran.

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