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The sports betting scene in Las Vegas has jumped into overdrive now that the NFL season has officially kicked off.
Granted, don’t expect them to follow you, but at least you get to see where their heads are at when it comes to the betting side of big sporting events like the NFL.
Widely regarded as the most legendary odds maker in the history of Las Vegas, Jimmy Vaccaro is an icon in the business, having spent the past 38 years in the business with seemingly no plans of slowing down anytime soon.
Dave Tuley isn’t technically an odds maker but he could definitely play the part of one thanks to his expansive knowledge of the Vegas sports betting scene.
Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, then you’ll never miss out on the latest gaming industry news. On a day when the favorites went 9-4-1, the biggest results on the books' side came at the expense of huge public backing on the faves. PokerTrip Enterprises receives approval recommendation from the State Gaming Control Board in Nevada, becoming the first online poker affiliate to get a Nevada license. From now till the end of the tournament, fans will be having the same dream of victory for their favourite team. You only need to hop to one sportsbook after another to see that business is robust these days. Below, you’ll find a list of odds makers and sharp bettors that are considered as must-follows on Twitter.

As arguably one of the most famous odds makers in Las Vegas, Kornegay has earned that reputation in large part because of his years of experience serving as the director of the LVH Superbook. While his current job as editor-in-chief of ESPN the Magazine has kept him from tweeting out betting nuggets of wisdom, Millman still has his Behind the Bets podcast on ESPN, allowing him to discuss anything and everything regarding sports betting news, including trends, public picks, and where the sharp money is at. All profit generated from this site goes to support initiatives of the Calvin Ayre Foundation.
The 2014 FIFA World Cup is merely months away and the football frenzy can already be seen and felt in every part of the world. Emotions will get pretty intense after first kick-off on 12 June 2014 and football madness will reign until the final whistle on 13 July 2014. We’ll be bringing you live scores from Brazil and the results from all the matches that will be held during the competition.
Sometimes, you might even run into an odds maker in one of those places, an opportunity that you should not doubt take advantage of.
His on Twitter a great deal and often times shares his opinions on how betting trends are affecting the lines.
We’re all waiting to see the spectacle that the top football teams have to offer us in Brazil and kick-off cannot come a moment sooner. We bring you updated odds from the major online bookmakers on every team, every match and every scorer in the game.

But if you’re not to keen on chatting up these folks, the beauty of a social media site like Twitter will give you a chance to interact with these odds makers.
Fuhrman has the credentials and judging by his Twitter followers, a lot of people seem to hold him in high regard. If you’re lucky, Fortenbaugh will throw in some value bets on his Twitter feed in addition to sharing his opinions on line movements in the NFL.
The question burning in everybody’s mind is who among the 32 participating teams will be declared world champion once the final whistle goes.
Follow the latest rumours and betting tips and kick up the football fever an extra notch this summer.
Show the world you’re a true fan and support your team by placing a bet on their chances of winning.

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