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As promised, both Doc Brown and Del got back on track with their Week 3 picks after a somewhat disappointing Week 2. With Andrew Luck not throwing in practice this week because of a shoulder injury, 9 points is a scary number for the Colts. While we provide picks against the spread more for your reading pleasure, be sure to check out whom our friends at The Linemakers think will be taking care of business .
This is a rough, short-week trip for Alex Smith against a tougher pass defense than he saw in Green Bay.
Despite a poor showing by the Packers last week, I think they can pull off a win on the road against a Bears defense that is missing Charles Tillman and could be without starting safety Chris Conte.
The Doc killed it with a 10-6 record against the spread and Del wasn’t far behind at 9-7.
We mentioned last week how there were a lot of close spreads, and this week is quite the opposite.
Kirk Cousins can move the ball on the Eagles, but once again, bad throws and giveaways will do him in.

More importantly, the resident experts here at LBS were a combined 3-0 in their locks of the week.
Instead, the convincing win should allow Philadelphia to take some momentum into a divisional game against the Redskins.
Arizona has done that with ease, blowing out San Francisco last week and doing the same to Chicago on the road the week before. The Packers QB was well aware he was playing 2005 preferred draft pick Alex Smith last week, and he takes it out on the home-area team that passed him for Smith this week. The Texans will have a chance here if Arian Foster plays against a porous run defense, but bottom line, they have the worse Ryan at QB in Mallett. After two abysmal weeks to start off the year, Del finally got back on track last week by going 10-6 against the spread. There are also some really tough spreads this week, so we’ve done our best to analyze the games for you. After a tough game against the Lions in which their offense struggled mightily, the Packers have fallen to 1-2.

More importantly, we were a perfect 3-0 in locks of the week and Doc and Del were 5-1 combined. Sure, Brandon Weeden gets to go to work against a bad Saints pass defense, but no one should trust him on the road in raucous, primetime conditions, even against a winless team. Washington will also be without starting cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who suffered a toe injury in last week’s game.
Chip Kelly loves moving the ball through the air, and his team should be able to do enough of that to cover a 3-point spread.

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