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Catching early value across the board for your week 17 nfl picks - It’s week 17 of the nfl’s regular season and with only a few playoffs spots for grabs, expecting an unexpected type of game from the teams you usually back, let's find those nfl picks (9-6 su, 7-6-2 ats) find themselves in a desperate situation all. Nfl week 16 picks against the spread - At least, the outcome of the next few days will determine if the last week of the season will be relevant, at all. The 2014 NFL betting regular season has arrived in full force and now the release of NFL picks week 2 from expert cappers Mike Jones and Al King will be available within a few days. South Florida pro football capper Al King is returning for his third NFL season with our team. After being humiliated by the defending champs in their infamous "Fail Mary" revenge game, Aaron Rodgers and the cheese heads are ready to get back on the horse.
This is a flawed strategy for picking games, but in search of underdogs, I've landed on the Cardinals.

Redknapp demanded the 25-year-old Moroccan prove he was worth his weekly wage of about $100,000 (80,000 euros, ?60,000). Just like pro football week one, NFL week two may be tricky for sports bettors and handicappers alike. Clobbering the bookies week after week, this veteran handicapper started the season just where he left off from last year, winning!
Bovada Sportsbook, Casino, Poker Room & Racebook is known in the online gambling industry for having phenomenal customer service, safe and secure deposit methods, fast & easy payouts and terrific bonuses! Following sports all his life, Al is another fixture in the online sports handicapping industry and proved it during his first year with several perfect weekly picks. Like most of the times these hated rivals meet, I expect this to be a very competitive game, which will likely come down to the final possession.

It's so exciting that when ESPN's Sal Paolantonio did his weekly hit on ESPN's local Philly radio station, the first thing he talked about was which hotel Philadelphians should stay at during the Super Bowl.
Check out his week two NFL picks listed below and enjoy watching all the intense week 2 pro football betting action.

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