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Our latest predicted playoff positioning has New England still in 1st place with Denver 2nd as our models still have Denver beating Cincinnati in Week 16. Bing Predicts was 9-7 in Week 14, correctly picking Cleveland who the consensus of experts predicted to lose.
With 3 weeks remaining, only 3 of the 12 playoff spots have been clinched although some separation has been established for the wild card positions. Green Bay, holding a one game lead, could lose games in both Weeks 15 and 16 but beat Minnesota in Week 17 to clinch their division, due to what would result in a head-to-head season sweep for the first tiebreaker.

The two marquee games for this week are Houston visiting Indianapolis with their division on the line, and 11-3 Denver visiting 8-5 Pittsburgh. Our models expect Indianapolis to complete the season sweep of Houston to start a new in-division win streak, which was snapped by Jacksonville last weekend. The models also prefer Pittsburgh at home against a Denver team that struggled to find the end zone in Week 14. If all three of these teams win out, Kansas City finishes 5th and Pittsburgh 6th with New York being the team which does not control its playoff fate, but while Kansas City has a somewhat easy schedule, Pittsburgh hosts Denver in Week 15 while New York hosts New England in Week 16, so winning out for all three teams is definitely not going to be easy.

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